libra Zodiac Sign


Time Period: September 22 – October 20

Symbol: Scales

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Venus

Quality: Cardinal

Ruling House: 7th

Polarity: Positive

Birthstone: Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Opal

Key Traits: Diplomatic, Indecisive, Determined

Phrase: “I balance”

Power Colour: Green, Turquoise

Flower:Bluebell, Rose

Libras Eminent Personalities: Will Smith, Ralph Lauren, Margaret Thatcher, F. Scott Fitzgerald

As the Cardinal Air Sign, Libra you are a born leader in the fields of communication and higher intellectual thought. You are driven by a strong sense of justice in the world, and your verbal scores are usually through the roof. This can land you in trouble sometimes, but you always find a way to get out of any scrapes you find yourself in. Being a Cardinal Sign means you are an excellent leader. You are great at starting things, whether they are relationships or new jobs, but your follow through needs some support. At the end of the day however, harmony and peace are your middle name, and you are the zodiac diplomat as a result.

About Libra

As a Libra, you have probably heard enough nice things about yourself to make your head shake in disbelief. People often talk about the scales and how they bring things into balance, but most don‟t remember (or haven‟t seen) scalesjumping back and forth as the proper balance is being sought. Libra is thought of as being intelligent and extremely charming, and these are the way most folks recognize your weighing the facts and buying yourself time to reach your final solution. They also are bowled over by your most powerful weapon; your smile.

It could easily be said that your goal in life is fairness, because a good number of the conflicts that you have in life are about what‟s fair and what‟s not. Even as a child you were probably called upon to settle fights and disagreements. Sometimes it‟s just the situation you most often found yourself in as people see you as a natural diplomat and peacemaker. You are called upon, throughout life, to smooth things over, settle down those who are upset, or exact justice in one way or another.

Just as there are two sides to every story, there are two sides to the way you apply yourself. You‟ll go at something, whether it be work or play, in such a way that when you are way past the point of exhaustion, you‟ll relax in such a way that a team of wild horses couldn‟t drag you away from your repose. Amazingly enough, some of the novelty writers who claim to know Astrology will call you lazy, Libra. This couldn‟t be further from the truth. Likely, they have either never seen a Libra at work, or even bothered to check the roster of famous Libras.

This idea of weighing and balancing to find the point of harmony in life is not the same as having two sides of personality but sometimes people may think it is. For example, when you‟re angry, you are, well, angry. It isn‟t like a completely different identity is surfacing, but it is so unusual for you to lose your cool and show that lack of balance that it will startle those around you from time to time. This sense of balance is often expressed outwardly as well, in that most Libra people have a love of the arts, and appreciate the finer things in life. If you aren‟t involved in one of the creative professions, others may think you are because of your talent for mixing colors, patterns and textures. This may extend to music, architecture, or any of a wide variety of artistic pursuits. Not all Libras make their name or career in the arts; however, there are just as many lawyers, athletes, stock analysts, and even politicians. Libras seem to find themselves drawn to a philosophy of some type; even show business personalities born under this sign are well known for their association with a cause.

This tendency towards balance is also what keeps most Libra folks healthy. The biggest problem that Libra usually has in this area is overindulgence. Luckily, the adjacent signs, Virgo and Scorpio both are rather good at discipline, so many Librans catch some of that energy and maintain their complexions and figures well into old age.

Impatience and impulsiveness are human characteristics that Libra cannot abide, by. Instead, as a Libra, you always deliberate and make a solid decision before making a move. For some, it can become a real problem, causing missed opportunities and frustrating others.

One of your main lessons in life is how to let your intuition guide your decision making process, because intuition is something Librans have in abundance but try to squash rather than rely on. Once you learn to break through the deliberation barrier, you could actually use your gift for the benefit of others.

If challenged about this, you may very well challenge the challenger, who may accuse you of being argumentative, which may hit a sore spot, because Librans are known for that particular conversational attitude. This can be a gift though, and explain why so many fine lawyers are Libras, and even Mahatma Gandhi, who argued down the British Empire wearing homespun cotton, was a Libra. He was also a lawyer by trade.

Although Libras are rarely show-offs or attention seekers, you may get a good amount of unwanted attention from others. This happens because of your friendliness, pleasant demeanor, artistic presence, and most of all, your smile. The person who said it takes fewer muscles to smile may have been a Libra, if not, this was someone who understood the mystery of Libra very well.

Peace Keeper

There is nothing you loathe more than drama, Libra, and this is why you are the zodiac diplomat. You will work things out and quickly in almost any area of your life. You are the one that people call when they need someone to restore harmony and balance in their own life, and your high intellect born by your Air Sign nature is adept at problem solving and restoring just the harmony people need in life. You would rather find a diplomatic solution to life, than letting one party win or take all. And those in your world love you for it!


Pea Being a Cardinal Air Sign, you are best suited for careers that require a lot of paperwork or communication. You are also an excellent writer, and have a flawless attention to detail in your work. Some might think you are a perfectionist, but you just prefer to do it right the first time, or you’d rather not do it at all. Jobs like accounting, justice, the legal world, or anything that requires a lot of paper shuffling are jobs that may bore others, but excite you to the core of your soul.

Love & Relationships

Libra loves to be partnered up in everything, whether you are just running to the grocery store or making a life long commitment. Being ruled by Venus, you are never short of partners when you want them, and your love life is usually very saucy and passionate as a result. And when you find someone you love, they get everything their heart desires as a result. When you are single you are often at your worst, because being alone is the worst thing in the world for you. So when you do find someone, you like to mate for life. You prefer romance over physical affection, though you are never short of that in love. And because you are ruled by Air, communication is never a problem for you in relationships. Your relationships are usually very harmonious as a result, and are built to stand the test of time.


Want to find out how compatible Libra’s are with other zodiac signs when it comes to love and relationships?

Element - Air Sign

Astrology can reveal a lot, but there’s much more to it than what Sun sign you are. At the very heart of astrology—and of tarot, palmistry, sacred geometry, even ceremonies, and rituals—are the four elements.These are Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. If you think about it, we need these four elements—all of them—in order to survive on the planet. We heat and cook and purge with fire. We grow things in the Earth; it is the foundation of our existence, and we return to it when our life has ended.

We need water to survive; it grows the plants of the earth and quenches our thirst; our bodies are approximately 60% water, and the Earth itself is approximately 70% water. We need air to breathe. Even our words are given life by our breath when we speak them out loud.

The air signs are always masculine, or positive. If you were born a Gemini, a Libra, or an Aquarius, then you were born an Air Sign.

See if you recognize yourself in these points.
Of course, not all air signs are going to behave the same. Even two different Libras can be very different from each other, because of the way that the rest of their planets fall.
Remember, the Sun sign is only one part of astrology! There’s so much more to discover.

  • You’re a social butterfly.
  • You usually enjoy the company of others.
  • You can chat with many people about many different topics.
  • You have a lot of interesting ideas.
  • You’re good at learning new things.
  • You have many different interests.
  • You have a short attention span.
  • You want people to like you.
  • You find it hard to make decisions quickly.
  • You can change your mind easily.
  • You find it hard to lay down roots.
  • You enjoy traveling.
  • You like to think outside the box.
  • Your moods change quickly.
  • You are idealistic.
  • You like to communicate with others, and may have many communication devices.
  • You’re inventive.
  • You’re intellectual.

The Quadruplicities

Even though all air signs are going to be very similar, there’s a lot of difference between them. This is because of the triplicities, or the qualities of those signs. Just like there are four elements—Fire, Earth, Air, Water—there are three triplicities. These are Cardinal, Mutable, and Fixed.

Here are the qualities of the Cardinal quadruplicity. This quality is active. It’s the ‘get up and go’ of the zodiac. Do you relate to any of these?

  • You’re an instigator of ideas.
  • You’re good at coming up with new ideas.
  • You have a willingness to take the lead.
  • You’re assertive, sometimes even aggressive.
  • You’re energetic.
  • You’re enterprising.
  • You’re outgoing.
  • You aren’t afraid to take risks.
  • You often act on impulse.

Air Element - Libra

If you were born a Libra, then just like the scales that represent you, you sway from one side of something to the other, often going back and forth many times before making up your mind. This can make you seem like you’re a walking contradiction, but you’re not, not really. You’re just the thesis and the antitheses to every emotion and experience. You can be sentimental one moment and sarcastic the next, or hard working in one situation and lazy in another, or talk someone’s ear off in one moment, and then patiently listen the next. This makes others view you as inconsistent; but that’s only because they don’t know you very well.

You’re very polite and refined, and like nice things. You want people to like you. You may be artistic—and if you’re not, you’re going to have a healthy appreciation for all of those who are. You need harmony and beauty in your life, and you will work to mediate when people are quarreling, so that there’s no discord between them. You can’t stand atmospheres; you just want everyone to get along.

You’re very cooperative, but you deeply resent someone bossing you around and telling you what to do and how to do it. This will send you into a childish sulk, and the more people try to draw you out of it, the deeper you’re going to go. Learning how to cooperate without going into a mood is one of the lessons you’re meant to learn in this lifetime.

You’re naturally charismatic and people enjoy your company. Because you despise discord, you’ll work hard to make a social gathering pleasant, and to lift the mood of the people who attend. You may find that you’re easily distracted when focusing on a task, simply because your mind is always weighing up everything around you. You find it hard to make any decision, and while you’re doing one thing you will be thinking about what you can do next. You’re a romantic at heart, and will over-indulge the object of your affection.

Here’s a list of some of your more predominant qualities.
Of course, the good does come with some challenges, and here are some of the areas of your life that may need some work to bring them back into balance.

  • You’re polite.
  • You don’t like to upset people.
  • You’re a good mediator.
  • You’ve got a good mind and know how to use it.
  • You like the finer things in life.
  • You’re patient.
  • You enjoy a good conversation.
  • You’re a good listener.
  • You give everything careful consideration before making up your mind.
  • You’re sentimental.
  • You like a good debate.
  • You’re either artistic or appreciate the arts.
  • You’re sensual.
  • You’re romantic.
  • You’re thoughtful.
  • You want people to like you.

Of course, the good does come with some challenges, and here are some of the areas of your life that may need some work to bring them back into balance.

  • You dislike crowds.
  • You’re indecisive.
  • You don’t like to be told what to do.
  • You sulk when you don’t get your own way.
  • You’re gullible.
  • You get bored easily.
  • You often contradict yourself.
  • You can be lazy.
  • You’re prone to sarcasm.
  • You can get stubborn when people try to hurry you.

The Libra Man

  • Libra men are persuasive.
  • Libra men are enchanting.
  • Libra men are handsome.
  • Libra men don’t hold grudges.
  • Libra men are romantic.
  • Libra men forgive easily.
  • Libra men are good listeners.
  • Libra men are generous.
  • Libra men are demonstrative.
  • Libra men are fair.
  • Libra men need a lot of attention.
  • Libra men are judgemental.
  • Libra men demand perfection.
  • Libra men are changeable.
  • Libra men are over-indulgent.
  • Libra men don’t tolerate unfairness.
  • Libra men contradict themselves.
  • Libra men have trouble making decisions.

The Libra Woman

  • Libra women are pretty.
  • Libra women are refined.
  • Libra women see both sides to a situation.
  • Libra women are charming.
  • Libra women are fair-minded.
  • Libra women like luxury and nice things.
  • Libra women don’t like to be single.
  • Libra women are submissive.
  • Libra women are trusting.
  • Libra women readily show their affection.
  • Libra women are feminine.
  • Libra women have integrity.
  • Libra women support their loved ones.
  • Libra women are argumentative.
  • Libra women are stubborn.
  • Libra women can be over-emotional.
  • Libra women are strict.

The Libra Child

  • Libra children are adorable.
  • Libra children like harmony.
  • Libra children need a lot of rest.
  • Libra children like doing artistic things.
  • Libra children are kind.
  • Libra children are compassionate.
  • Libra children are intelligent.
  • Libra children examine every option available to them.
  • Libra children need privacy.
  • Libra children are argumentative.
  • Libra children throw screaming fits for no apparent reason.
  • Libra children cannot make up their minds.
  • Libra children will not be made to hurry.
  • Libra children can’t deal with choices.
  • Libra children don’t like to be shouted at.
  • Libra children are lazy.
  • Libra children are defensive.

Just as your personality is two-sided, the path to your success is twofold. On the one hand, you just need to turn on the charm, and you’ll open doors that can take you where you want to go. On the other hand, you have to stop being so indecisive about things, and motivate yourself a bit more to do what you want to do, rather than depending on others to pave the way for you. If you can do this, then you can get through life successfully, and in quite an easy and relaxed manner, too

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