scorpio Zodiac Sign


Time Period: October 21 – November 20

Symbol: Scorpion

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Mars, Pluto

Quality: Fixed

Ruling House: 8th

Polarity: Negative

Birthstone: Beryl, Apache Tear, Aquamarine, Obsidian, Topaz

Key traits: Intense, Magnetic, Controlling

Phrase: “I desire”

Power Colour: Black, Deep Red

Flower: Geraniums, Rhododendrons

Scorpio Eminent Personalities: Hillary Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, Bill Gates, Pablo Picasso

As the Fixed Water Sign that is ruled by both Mars and Pluto, intense is your middle name, Scorpio. And so you get a bit of a bad rap for this. But nobody knows better than you that you actually are all kinds of awesome when you allow people to get to know you better. Being ruled by Mars makes you driven for success, but you are also ruled by Pluto which means, secrets rule your world. This could cause problems for you, but for you, you really don’t care what others think about that. You are fixated on your own happiness like a Fixed Water Sign, and the ones you do bring into your world are usually very lucky ones as a result. Because your Fixed Sign loyalty is boundless, you will do anything for the ones you love. And you won’t stop at stinging anyone that gets in the way with that infamous Scorpio stinger. Too bad for them, you say! The ones that don’t meet your need for truth and justice in the world, are dead to you. And you’re perfectly okay with that.

About Scorpio

You, Scorpio, are known throughout the literature of astrology, and in popular conversation, for your level of magnetism and intensity. These traits are not uncommon to those born under the Scorpion, but are usually the side effects of their willpower, self-control, “killer instinct,” and loyalty. This killer instinct does not mean that Scorpios are predators, but it does mean you and your sign-mates are relentless in the pursuit of your goals, which, given the right motivation and incentive, will be achieved.

One very interesting, and possibly one of the most important things to know about your sign is that people born under the Scorpio stars are more likely to accept the darker side of human nature than most other signs. This is because Scorpio is a sign connected with mysteries, with transformations and changes, and things whose causes are such that science tries to ignore them rather than figure them out. This allows the Scorpio to approach individuals who may not have your best interest in mind. Caution sometimes gives out to curiosity.

Many modern practitioners say that Scorpio, and its modern co-ruler Pluto, represent the subconscious mind, a part of us that we rarely connect with, yet it has power over almost everything we do. This part of us contains both the illuminated and shadow sides of our inner nature. You happen to have a bit more access to this part of the self than most, which explains why so many psychologists, psychoanalysts, researchers in the paranormal and occult field, and even clergymen are born into your sign.

The idea of fighting for a cause is not alien to you, Scorpio. Sometimes you may feel as if there is something “watching over you,” or as if your mission in life is far too important to give simple lip service to. One great teacher of the last century told students “if a Scorpio cannot find a fight, they will invent one.” Does that sound like you? I would imagine so.

It‟s important that you realize that all of this talk of fighting does not, in most cases, manifest in the boxing ring or wrestling cage. Think about it for a minute. When was the last time someone stared you down? Have you noticed that when someone wants to say something meaningful to you they try to avoid eye contact? This is not a bad thing at all. Instead, it is a natural ability of yours. Whenever you want something from someone, try to catch his or her pupils in your gaze and don‟t shy away. If you haven‟t discovered this power yet, it‟s time to.

None of this, however, means that you are argumentative. Libras are far more prone to “discussion” of issues. Scorpio on the other hand is a sign of action, which, for you, speaks far more loudly than words ever can. Scorpio is most likely to be the one who “does something about it” rather than juggle ideas or strategies.

When you are involved in arguments, it is likely that you did not start it, but it is also likely that the other party does not want to accept your solution. This is why you won‟t find Scorpio sitting in the capital strategizing with politicians, but you will find them on the front lines shoulder to shoulder with the troops. Although Scorpio makes an excellent researcher, you are just as likely see them as members of disaster response teams.


Being ruled by Pluto means that secrets rule your world. You are good at keeping secrets, and discovering them. Your Water Sign qualities also make you a little psychic, so figuring out secrets or discovering when someone is not being truthful is second nature to you, like breathing. You are mysterious, but that’s more to do with your powers of observation than anything else. You more than any of the other signs might have an interest in the occult or the paranormal. The cryptic and the obscure fascinate you. You’re also a master of disguise, using words to hide what you really feel. It’s part of the need for you to be in control at all times. When you use secrets for success, and the truth to prevail, you win every time. You make sure of it!


Your greatest gift, Scorpio is your powerful intuition, and you know it. You can spot a faker a mile away, and you can also make money doing it! This is why we call Scorpio the zodiac detective. So fields that are investigative in nature are great jobs for you. You will also do well in fields where your intuition is required. And can excel even in jobs like marketing, or communication, because you are always testing that next great formula like the natural detective and scientist that you are. You don’t accept failure, so fields where you are in control of your own destiny are ideal, as answering to others is not exactly your forte. You like work that is different every day, but structured so that you know exactly how to succeed, every single day. As a Fixed Sign, once you set your mind on winning, you are literally unstoppable, and may Universe have mercy on anyone that tries to prevent you.

Love & Relationships

Some say that it can be very difficult to love a Scorpio, because you do have your jealous and obsessed side. But that’s only because as a Fixed Water Sign, when you feel, your feeling waters run very deep. And you won’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Being ruled by Pluto often means secrets rule your relationships. So if there is anything that will get in the way of your success here, it’s that. Try being a little more open with that awesome big heart of yours Scorpio. You can be moody without provocation, jealous without cause, and very possessive. The other side of this is that you’re very loyal. You can hold a grudge forever; it’s just not in your nature to ‘forgive and forget.’ You remember kindness just as vividly, though, and will be a devoted partner to those who earn your loyalty.


Want to find out how compatible Scorpio’s are with other zodiac signs when it comes to love and relationships?

Element - Water Sign

Astrology can reveal a lot, but there’s much more to it than what Sun sign you are. At the very heart of astrology—and of tarot, palmistry, sacred geometry, even ceremonies, and rituals—are the four elements.

These are Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. If you think about it, we need these four elements—all of them—in order to survive on the planet. We heat and cook and purge with fire. We grow things in the Earth; it is the foundation of our existence, and we return to it when our life has ended.

We need water to survive; it grows the plants of the earth and quenches our thirst; our bodies are approximately 60% water, and the Earth itself is approximately 70% water. We need air to breathe. Even our words are given life by our breath when we speak them out loud.

So, you can see, the elements are very important indeed!

The water signs are always masculine, or positive. If you were born a Cancer, a Scorpio, or a Pisces, then you are a water sign.

See if you recognize yourself in these points:

  • You pick up moods and atmospheres.
  • You take on the mood of your environment.
  • You’re ruled by your emotions.
  • You’re sensitive.
  • You’re intuitive.
  • You’re creative.
  • You live your life by what you feel, rather than what you think.
  • You’re understanding of others.
  • You’re compassionate.
  • You’re kind.
  • You want everyone to get along.
  • You’re receptive.
  • You feel what other people are feeling.
  • You’re sympathetic.
  • You’re artistic.
  • You need to be surrounded by beauty.
  • You need to feel secure.
  • You like to help people.
  • You need to be accepted by others.
  • You’re romantic.
  • You seem to have a sixth sense about things.
  • You’re mysterious.
  • You need time on your own to sort things out.
  • You try to handle your feelings carefully.
  • You’re sensitive.
  • You’re dreamy and prone to fantasizing.
  • You need complete commitment from others.
  • It’s hard for you to say no.
  • You’re emotional, although sometimes you don’t show it.
  • You have trouble dealing with ugliness or harsh reality.
  • You are moody.
  • You’re self-indulgent.
  • You don’t like to be overcommitted, or too many responsibilities.

Of course, not all water signs are going to behave the same. Even two different Scorpios can be very different from each other, because of the way that the rest of their planets fall. Remember, the Sun sign is only one part of astrology! There’s so much more to discover.

The Quadruplicities

Even though all water signs are going to be very similar, there’s a lot of difference between them. This is because of the triplicities, or the qualities of those signs. Just like there are four elements—Fire, Earth, Air, Water—there are three triplicities. These are Cardinal, Mutable, and Fixed.

Here are the qualities of the Fixed quadruplicity. This quality is cautious. Just as it sounds, the fixed quadruplicity is the ‘but we’ve always done it this way’ energy of the zodiac. Perhaps this sounds more like you?

  • You don’t handle change well.
  • You like to stay in the background.
  • You’re not particularly thrilled about new ideas.
  • You can be quite tenacious or stubborn.
  • You want others to agree with you.
  • You bring responsibility to teamwork and keep everyone under control.
  • You want things done your way.
  • You’re not a risk taker.
  • You take responsibility very seriously.

Water Element - Scorpio

If you were born a Scorpio, then just like the Scorpion that represents you, you’ve got a bit of a sting in your tail! You can’t help but observe people, and because of this, others will immediately be drawn to your eyes and your intense gaze.

You’re usually quite self-assured, but you need to watch that this confidence doesn’t turn into conceit. It’s easy for you to know yourself, and because of that, you’re able to keep a tight rein on your emotions.

Even though you may see placid and a bit enigmatic on the outside, inside of you there’s a raging storm. You’re always wanting to investigate, always wanting to explore, to know. You’re very determined, and you are used to getting what you want, one way or another.

You don’t know what it is to fail; when things don’t go the way that you want, you just change the goals and continue until you’ve succeeded.You’re very sincere, but sometimes you can take even that to the extreme. You tell people the truth, whether it is what they want to hear or not, and you’re not very good at sugar-coating things.

You’re also not one to be impartial; you’re going to either like or dislike something—or someone—with very little middle ground. You get away with it, though, because of the air of intrigue and charm that surrounds you. You’re quite confident, and have a way of coping, whatever happens.You’re loyal to those you love, although you may be very choosy about where you place your affection. You never forget what people have done for you—or to you. You’ll go out of your way to care for those who care for you, and you’ll cut those who disrespect you off without a second thought.

You’re quite philosophical and curious about all aspects of life and death. You’re probably intrigued by metaphysics, even if this is not something you choose to pursue. You can come across as moody or brusque, but inside, you’re very passionate about everything in your life, and that makes you a very passionate lover.

Here’s a list of some of your more predominant qualities.

  • You’re big-hearted.
  • You’re very deep.
  • You’re confident.
  • You have natural poise.
  • You like a good mystery.
  • You’re determined.
  • You’re truthful.
  • You’re fiercely loyal to those whom you love.
  • You’re charming.
  • You have tenacity.
  • You can get through most situations.
  • You never forget who was kind to you.
  • You protect those close to you.
  • You’re passionate.
  • You get what you want.

Of course, the good does come with some challenges, and here are some of the areas of your life that may need some work to bring them back into balance.

  • You’re moody.
  • You are egotistical.
  • You keep your feelings bottled up until they explode out.
  • You’re stubborn.
  • You can be callous.
  • You never forget who did you wrong.
  • You find it hard to forgive.
  • You take risks.
  • You’re possessive and jealous.

The Scorpio Man

  • Scorpio men are passionate.
  • Scorpio men are intellectual.
  • Scorpio men are philosophical.
  • Scorpio men are romantic.
  • Scorpio men need to feel they’re in control of the relationship.
  • Scorpio men hide their feelings.
  • Scorpio men don’t gossip.
  • Scorpio men are intriguing.
  • Scorpio men attract attention.
  • Scorpio men are loyal.
  • Scorpio men don’t flirt.
  • Scorpio men are over-indulgent.
  • Scorpio men are tactless.
  • Scorpio men are possessive.
  • Scorpio men lose their temper.
  • Scorpio men lash out when hurt.
  • Scorpio men hold grudges.

The Scorpio Woman

  • Scorpio women easily attract attention.
  • Scorpio women are alluring.
  • Scorpio women are passionate.
  • Scorpio women boost your ego.
  • Scorpio women are individuals.
  • Scorpio women need respect.
  • Scorpio women can keep secrets.
  • Scorpio women are honest to a fault.
  • Scorpio women will not waste time on trivialities.
  • Scorpio women are willful.
  • Scorpio women are devoted.
  • Scorpio women support their partners.
  • Scorpio women like luxury.
  • Scorpio women make sacrifices to get what they want.
  • Scorpio women get even.
  • Scorpio women refuse to be taken for granted.
  • Scorpio women do not like to be teased.
  • Scorpio women are proud.
  • Scorpio women need to be dominant in a relationship.
  • Scorpio women throw temper tantrums.
  • Scorpio women are intensely jealous.

The Scorpio Child

  • Scorpio children are strong.
  • Scorpio children are willful.
  • Scorpio children do not compromise.
  • Scorpio children need discipline.
  • Scorpio children need a lot of cuddles.
  • Scorpio children sense moods and atmospheres.
  • Scorpio children stick up for their friends.
  • Scorpio children have a lot of energy.
  • Scorpio children are ambitious.
  • Scorpio children need reasons.
  • Scorpio children flirt.
  • Scorpio children are inconsiderate.
  • Scorpio children are critical.
  • Scorpio children keep secrets.
  • Scorpio children throw temper tantrums.
  • Scorpio children are vengeful.
  • Scorpio children take risks.

The key to any Scorpio’s success is to learn how to compromise. That can be hard for Scorpio, for you don’t suffer fools lightly, and you don’t take criticism kindly. Learn how to lighten up a bit, and to focus your passions in a constructive way. You don’t have to be best friends with everyone, but you do need to understand how to be congenial with them, because you never know just when you might need their help.

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