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For the Week of: January 27 - February 02

Jan 27, 2020 - Children and romance continue to be the focus for you this week, and in the coming weeks, Scorpio. If you are batting off the suitors right now, you can thank all of this lovely Pisces energy that is shining on you and your opportunities for true love experiences. Last week's New Moon in your homes sector is still revealing a big change for you, and it will be refreshing for you. You may get some of those answers this week, and don't be surprised if they come in the form of romance or matters related to your children.

Come Monday, a Venus and Neptune conjunction in your fifth house of love only dials up possibilities. Follow the lucky strikes and optimism here. Follow your intuition this week, with all of this Pisces energy you are getting some amazing clues.

Between Wednesday and Friday, the Moon enters Aries and your sixth house of health. There may be some tension on the work front. Just keep calm and carry on, this is not a lasting transit. But you can turn tension into positive energy for change as well. This will open up some fun opportunities for past love, or to resolve some old issues with your children.

Over Saturday and Sunday, the Moon enters Taurus and your seventh house of love! This is an exciting transit for you. You'll have the emotional tides of the Moon on your side when it comes to pursuing the kind of love you deserve.

This deepens existing commitments in love, or helps you to attract new opportunities in romance. It's a gorgeous way for you to wrap up the week.

You're still closing the week with an abundance of Pisces energy that is very useful to you when it comes to romance, feeling the love, or just enjoying some much needed soothing and compassionate tones. Feel the love, because you really need this authentic love feeling right now.

Just be open to the opportunities Pisces energy sends you, and don't take anything personally this week. You've got a lot of energy on your side for a fantastic and loving week this week, and beyond. Have a blessed week, Scorpio!

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