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For the Week of: November 12 - November 18

Nov 12, 2018 - There is a lot of energy that will give you great pleasures and fun this week, Scorpio, and your only caution will be to not take life too seriously. Just have fun with the week! Some Pisces energy arrives with Mars, and that is so abundant right now is working your fifth house of romantic true love. Enjoy every second, and this lingers well past this week and into the holidays. Use it!

You are in for a very exciting week, Scorpio, and will have plenty of excitement on the docket in both your work and love sectors. Mercury turns retrograde this week, but Venus turns direct. You are refreshed in many ways and heading into some gorgeous new chapters.

The start of the week is on a slow note with just some Moon energy to work with. By Thursday you are going to see all of the planets get into gear. On Thursday, Mars enters Pisces and your fifth house of pleasures and entertainment. Just have fun with whatever romantic opportunities find you, and it could be a very swoony period for you. This lasts right through the end of the year and into the new year.

By Friday, you enter a wonderful money phase when money planet Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius and your second house of earned income for a few weeks.
Put your heart into it, and you could attract some amazing income opportunities over the next few weeks, Scorpio. This is a good time for your earning potential, and working a little bit harder today will be financially productive

Also on Friday, Venus goes direct in Libra and in your twelfth house sends a guardian angel your way to protect you through the next two weeks before Venus goes direct in your house of Self next month.

The week ends off on a dreamy and romantic note with the Pisces Moon in your fifth house of pleasures and entertainment, sending some fun your way in the romantic department. It's a very dreamy way to end the week. Have a blessed week, Scorpio!

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