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For the Week of: October 11 - October 17

Oct 11, 2021 - This week could feel a bit fuzzy, Scorpio, what with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars all spinning through Libra and your sleepy 12th House of the subconscious, especially since el Sol will be especially active in the days ahead, but there are things to focus on before those transits arrive. Tuesday gets punctuated by a Half Moon in Capricorn and your 3rd House of local community and friendships. Have you fallen out of touch with a few people during these last couple of months? Reach out to a few friends you haven’t heard from, or perhaps a sibling or other family member, and spend some time reconnecting. You’ll be surprised how much it does for your emotional state. This is also a good place for anything related to writing, so if you’ve got a message to share then you should take measure of it; you don’t necessarily need to share it now, but should make sure it’s at least still developing and not being ignored.

The 13th features a supportive sextile between Venus in Sagittarius and your fiscally conscious 2nd House of earned income, and karmic Saturn in Aquarius and your grounded 4th House of home and family. On this day you could receive a much-needed boost of support from a family member or close friend, or perhaps said family member turns you on to a job or a really good deal that allows you to either save some extra money or make even more than you would have hoped. There’s lots to look forward to on this day, and know that people will be willing to help you, especially if you’ve already been pulling your weight.

On the 15th and 17th, the Sun will form a beautiful trine to Jupiter, moving alongside Saturn in your home sector, and a tense square to Pluto in your communication sector, respectively, so there is a bit of bounding back and forth. You could have a really pleasant and easy-going day on the 15th, only to turn around and feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day on the 17th. Someone could say something that gets a bit of a rise out of you, so if you want to avoid any potential conflict then do your best to count to ten before you respond to anything designed to get a reaction. Since the Sun is in your “hidden” 12th House, this could come from completely out of the blue, so you would be wise to expect the unexpected.

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