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For the Week of: January 11 - January 17

Jan 11, 2021 - This could be a very social week for you, but even if you don’t get the chance to get out and about (given the current state of things) you should still make a point to reach out and interact with people in one way or another, because it looks like there is something you need to hear.

The 13th arrives with a beautiful New Moon in Capricorn and your 3rd House of local community and communications, cuing you in to all the local happenings in your area. You could become privy to some very interesting soundbites throughout the week, and perhaps garner some information that totally changes the playing field for you. This sector of your chart also rules your siblings, so if you haven’t checked in with a brother or sister for a hot minute this might be the perfect time to call them and have a real conversation–yes, a conversation, not just a text. Pluto will be closely aligned with this lunation, so there is a chance something major could occur with a special someone if you open yourself up to it.

The very next day the Sun forms its annual conjunction to Pluto, which just so happens to be one of the most intense days of the year; while this transit pretty much always signals some major change in the wind, this time it doesn’t arrive on its own, and instead will be accompanied by some other impactful happenings. Mars, recently arrived in Taurus and your partnership sector, will form a tense square to karmic Saturn in Aquarius and your home and family sector; under this energy you might find a partner or special someone tends to push all the wrong buttons, even if they normally push the right ones. It’s okay to retreat from people right now if need be, but it might be hard to miss them even if you try your best.

Uranus will also be active on this day, as it will be waking up in Taurus after spending the last five months spinning backwards in retrograde formation. It’s more than possible that over this time, your partnerships went through some difficult alterations, leaving you feeling more than a little powerless, but now those changes will begin to help you, as opposed to hinder you, so don’t think you’re doomed to keep hitting a wall when it comes to the people in your life. That being said, don’t push too hard over the weekend because Jupiter will reach out from Aquarius to form a square to Uranus, and this could leave you biting off more than you can chew; take things one step at a time and don’t let anyone put you in a position you don’t want to occupy.

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