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For the Week of: September 16 - September 22

Sep 16, 2019 - You are deep in a period of endings right now, Scorpio, with Mercury and Venus working your twelfth house of endings and spirituality before the Sun's solar return to your sign, and your birthday. The Sun enters Libra next week and then you are just a few weeks away. So you are going to feel some serious energy come into play this week under this energy. But you have the last of some Full Moon as well to play with, and Saturn is also making a big move this week. There are few transits, but nothing small with how you are playing the game this week, Scorpio.

On Monday, you are still experiencing the love of some Full Moon energy from last week, but the Full Moon wraps up on Monday this week when it finishes in the Moon in Aries. This Moon is working your sixth house of work and health, bringing a work issue or a health issue full circle for you. You are bringing a chapter to a close, with relief.

By Tuesday, you are going to feel some refreshing energy enter your communication house. It may not start right away, but when karmic Saturn moves from retrograde status and turns direct in Capricorn in your third house of communication, you are going to sense that there is some forward motion in your communication sector. Things at work or in the field of communication or information may have been feeling slow lately, and that is due to Saturn leading you to look inward over the last few months when it comes to information.

Come Thursday, Mars and Pluto create an ending in your eleventh house of social circles, while opening up a new chapter, than you have had in a while. This is a good day to pursue an ending, but not your temper. Productivity is high and you can get some real goals accomplished now.

By Saturday, you are wrapping up the week with a sweet little bow when Jupiter squares Neptune in your second house of earned income. This brings some exciting energy your way, and you may even see a nice little money bonus your way. Energy is shifting in your favor when it comes to money and work, and you are feeling excellent about it.

It may not happen this week, but the energy shift does and it does so with much relief to you, especially if you are working in the communication fields. It's a wonderful way for you to end a refreshing week. Have a blessed week, Scorpio!

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