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Aug 03, 2021 - This is a powerful time for going inwards and assessing your personal relationship with money, Scorpio.

Ask yourself: how does your relationship with money make you feel? Is it a healthy one or does it cause you some anxiety?

It’s about assessing and contemplating today so don’t exert yourself; and if there are money worries prevalent, now is the time to find balance within and think about how you can harness your personal gifts and talents to help improve your finances for the future.

Aug 04, 2021 - With the Moon in Cancer, you're probably feeling quite imaginative today, Scorpio, and it wouldn’t be unusual if you took a trip down memory lane.

Delving into your past is a good way to deal with the present. Just make sure you don’t get stuck there. Don’t beat yourself up over past financial mistakes. Everything is a learning curve, designed to teach us something.

Be positive and focus on your long-term goals. You may need to make some adjustments. Your imagination is very strong right now. What ideas do you have today which could result in positive financial outcomes in the future, Scorpio?

Aug 05, 2021 - With the Moon in Cancer, this is an excellent time for going inwards and assessing your personal relationship with money, Scorpio.

It’s important to pay attention to thoughts or feelings which may be controlling your attitude towards finances. Do you feel that you have a healthy relationship with your financial world? Or are there improvements you can make?

Take time today to unwind and have a conversation with yourself. You may receive some positive news regarding finances at this time or an idea of yours may come to fruition. Think positive and take the time to analyze everything today, Scorpio. 

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