scorpio Money Horoscope:

Sep 26, 2022 - There may be a few financial concerns in the back of your mind but today brings the chance to find a new way of doing things and engage that wonderful creativity of yours to formulate new plans.

You may have been worrying about how to make ends meet in the coming future but remember that the situation is probably not as bad as you think. On some level, you are always able to make change for the better.

It is often a shift in perspective that is needed. In what ways can you change your thinking to make things easier for yourself?

Sep 27, 2022 - It's important to gather your thoughts today so that you can come to a positive and practical decision about your finances under this Moon.

If things have not gone to plan, it's time to reassess and think of how you can adjust to new circumstances.

Your self-confidence in believing that you can sort through your financial affairs is important. It can be easy to let negative thoughts get on top of you, but your natural determination can get you through any challenges. Always remember this, especially if negative thoughts start to get the better of you. Don't let the voice of doubt win.

Sep 28, 2022 - The more you worry about finances, the more you send yourself into a state of anxiety, Scorpio, so it is important to find some balance today.

The way forward may not be clear at this time when it comes to your finances and you may feel a sense of confusion. But trust yourself that things will work out as they should.

Others may come to you for advice and you will be only too happy to offer it - this is a great time to share your expertise with others and also to gain new insight, which can lead to powerful and intense realizations to help you in the future, Scorpio.

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