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Sep 18, 2021 - You’ve been a busy, busy bee for quite some time, Scorpio, and while it is a wonderful thing to get out and socialize it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming when it comes to actually processing all the new people you’ve met and all the new ideas you’ve learned.

The Universe is about to send you a message that it’s time to settle down and process all the new things that have recently entered your life, and not only process but actually decide who and what is worth staying and who and what is simply a fly-by-night interest or acquaintance. Think quality over quantity in the coming weeks, and you’ll find the wheat separates from the chaff easier than you might have imagined.

Once you’ve got those things sorted then you can really focus on who you want to make a priority, and how long they’ll stick around for it.

Sep 19, 2021 - No one can turn you down today, Scorpio, so don’t sit around waiting for something wonderful to happen–get out there and follow your desires!

Romantic Venus is currently sashaying her way through your sign for her annual visit, bestowing all her blessings upon you, not least of which includes her enviable ability to turn you into a walking sex good. Throughout the day she’ll be sending out a love letter across the universe to the intuitive Moon in your passionate 5thHouse of sex and excitement.

With this kind of energy bouncing around the sky anything could happen, so take a chance and give it a whirl. If there is someone you’ve had your eye on then today could be the day to act on your urges because your cupid’s arrow is sure to hit its make, while coupled Scorpios can count on a very sensual encounter with their special someone.

Sep 20, 2021 - How are you doing? I’m not asking in a patronizing way; I’m genuinely curious. Chances are you’ve been more than a little busy lately and that you’ve found yourself exploring a lot of new places and meeting a lot of new people and just doing, well, a lot, even if you haven’t gotten to travel very far to do it. It’s important to take time to recharge your batteries after so much time with people, even if you do like spending time with them, because you pour out that much more energy than everyone else in the process.

Well, I’m happy to tell you that the Universe is about to bring you a truly wonderful surprise, one that will allow you to kick up your heels and enjoy all the pleasures of life that might have felt a little beyond your reach as of late. It’s time to revel in the things and the people who make you happy, so get to it.

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