Scorpio Daily Horoscope:

Jan 29, 2022 - You’re lit up like the Chrysler Building today, and no one can hold you back from letting loose your electrifying genius. There’s a beautiful conjunction occurring in the heavens between the intuitive Moon and energetic Mars, currently moving through Capricorn and your 3rd House of local communities and communications.

You’re thinking on the level of Albert Einstein today, so if you’ve been on the lookout for a possible way to boost your worth then hit the drawing board because you’ve got all the answers you need. The 3rd House is one of the premier go-getter sectors of the zodiac, so take some time and think about all the incredible skills you’ve got to offer; chances are something you consider a basic ability could come off as an incredible talent to someone else, so don’t undervalue yourself!

You’re worth your weight in gold, so make sure everyone else knows it!

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