Scorpio Daily Horoscope:

Sep 23, 2021 - It’s Thursday, and while that is a work day for some, there’s no guarantee you have a lot to focus on at the moment, Scorpio, and if there is indeed no work in front of you then that is great–you can take the day off to enjoy yourself. However, IF you do find yourself having to roll up your sleeves and put your nose to the grindstone there is one bit of advice I can pass on to make the whole process that much more pleasant.

The Moon is spending the day in Taurus and your 7th House of partnerships and business contracts, so if you must get to work the best way to do it would be to form a dynamic duo with someone you trust and then have at it. You know better than most that two heads are better than one, so why go against what you know to be true? Trust your instincts and you can make major strides.

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