Your December 2021 Tarotscopes Are Here to Guide You

Posted on December 09, 2021

A hand hovers over a selection of Tarot cards reveal December Tarotscopes.

Before you could blink, we’re already in December, the last month of the year, where both wild Sagittarius season and intensely grounded Capricorn season take hold as we close out 2021.

2022 is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel and bid adieu to 2021 just yet.

Those New Year resolutions you were putting off? You still have a whole month to get ‘em done!

With that in mind, it can be helpful to know just what you’re getting yourself into in December. And how, you may wonder? With the spiritually potent assistance of the Tarot, of course.

We’ve pulled one card each from the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana, to see what’s up for your zodiac sign. Let’s see what they had to say!

Your December 2021 Tarotscopes


The Empress & 3 of Swords (Reversed)

An abundant and beautiful vibe washes over the energetic landscape of our Fiery Aries friends.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, with The Empress sitting pretty in your cards for December, it’s clear that Aries is starting to reap what they’ve sown. Your hard work is paying off, and the garden you’ve planted is yours to enjoy for the month.

Plus, the 3 of Swords, a typical indicator of heartache and emotional turmoil, is reversed, indicating you’re putting your best foot forward and trying to put any disappointments behind you.

Keep up the good attitude, Aries, and enjoy your month!


Judgement & Page of Wands

A productive and practical yet passionate energy takes hold for lovely Taurus this December.

Judgement brings you not only a clear mind and headspace but also the confirmation that what you’ve been putting into motion already will be fully realized in one form or another. Your efforts have been seen and will continue to be recognized by the Universe.

Additionally, the Page of Wands brings a less serious tone to your month, adding elements of creativity, spontaneity, and fun.

In other words, make sure to enjoy yourself too — that balance is just as important in the grand scheme of getting things done!


The Hermit & Knight of Cups

Although it hasn’t been the easiest road for Gemini lately, the hard times are paying off!

The Hermit reversed points to that, first and foremost. You’ve been spending a lot of time to yourself, trying to get your ducks in a row, and this reversal is an acknowledgment of the work you’ve had to do but affirms that it’s now time to step into the light.

And with the King of Cups, you’ve come out of this period of time with much more emotional composure and your intuition in check.

That self-reflective period has done you well, and you’re now on track to using those skills and realizations to your advantage in December!

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The Hanged Man (Reversed) & 7 of Cups

It’s clear that Cancer wants to make moves, but it seems like the sensitive crab is having a hard time actually taking the plunge.

With The Hanged Man reversed, you’re definitely not wanting to end up in a time of pause and suspension, and you may have this feeling that something has to be done, or you’ve just got somewhere to be — the sneaking suspicion that something in your life is not quite right, or a piece is missing.

But it seems like, with the 7 of Cups, you’re not sure where to even begin. It may seem like there are too many options to filter through, too little time, or the options you’re handed still seem slightly “off.”

Just keep in mind: sometimes the key is making a choice with a bit of a leap of faith and trusting that your Cancerian intuition will ultimately lead you to the light.

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The Emperor (Reversed) & 10 of Cups (Reversed)

It may feel like you’re having a hard time catching a break, Leo.

The Emperor reversed points to you still not quite feeling like your typical, passionate, Fiery self. You’re questioning your own abilities to maintain leadership positions or be a real decision-maker and planner for your path.

The 10 of Cups reversed also points out that the general feelings of happiness, stability, and long-term fulfillment are just not clicking with your energy right now. Something is majorly out of sync, and it’s likely starting with your own identity and sense of direction.

Deep breaths. Where do you want to go, Leo? Trust your inner voice — it knows the answers.


The Magician & 2 of Wands

You’re ready to create, Virgo!

The Magician and the 2 of Wands are both incredible cards of vision, creation, manifestation, and putting your intentions out into the world. While

The Magician brings that initiative and spark. The 2 of Wands hands you the sense of planning and optimism you need in order to make this a long-term deal. It’s likely that you’ll have many plans and ideas floating around in that head of yours this December, but you probably won’t be able to get to them all.

This energy is exciting — but be ready to hone down those ideas to the ones you really care about to make this productivity count.


Death (Reversed) & 7 of Swords (Reversed)

The lack of momentum may be getting on your nerves, Libra.

Death reversed isn’t as fun as it sounds; we need the change and transformation that Death has the power to bring us, so its reversal may feel stagnant or uncomfortable.

The 7 of Swords reversed also points to you feeling like something just needs to be aired, or the truth or the full extent of your intentions hasn’t quite been expressed. And the stagnancy of Death reversed bubbling to the surface probably makes this urge all the more strong.

While you shouldn’t rush to say everything or impulsively make changes, know that the desire to enact transformation into your life is ultimately a good one.


The Star & 9 of Cups

A sweet, fulfilling, and rejuvenating energy is on the table for Scorpio (and it’s well-deserved)!

First up, take a deep breath and inhale the beautiful energy of The Star, which brings you experiences of hope, healing, and renewal for your December. That potent healing medicine will do wonders for the tired spirit that has been working tirelessly the rest of the year!

Plus, the 9 of Cups indicates that your wishes are coming true (no matter how big or ridiculous they seem), and you should absolutely be thinking large without limits when it comes to setting intentions.

Take advantage of the healing energy on the horizon, Scorpio, and slowly begin planning what you want on your wishlist to send to the Universe!

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The Tower (Reversed) & Ace of Cups (Reversed)

We have some rocky waters in our weather report for Sagittarius, although that doesn’t usually stop the wild archer’s spirit from trudging forward!

The Tower reversed points to some minor setbacks and difficulties, with the tumultuous energy of this card somewhat muted and not quite as devastating as it usually can be. Still, that’s not to say some obstacles can’t be frustrating, even if they’re more akin to “annoyances” if anything.

The Ace of Cups reversed also points to you feeling potentially a little lonely or left behind when it comes to love or friends, and it may feel like you have to get through the month all by yourself.

While it may not be the easiest month for Sagittarius, the “me time” it provides may just be the time you need in order to prepare for an even better 2022.


The Sun & 2 of Cups (Reversed)

There’s sunshine on the horizon for Capricorn, and you have yourself to thank for it!

The Sun brings happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic energy to your December. And makes sense, too, given that Capricorn season — your season — will be picking up later in the month. Perhaps that productive energy matching your own brings a smile to your face!

However, the 2 of Cups reversed points to feeling potentially out of sync with friends, loved ones, or romantic interests and partners. This happens to all of us from time to time, so don’t fret too much.

This just means that the happiness you cultivate will be coming from within!


Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) & 5 of Swords (Reversed)

Buckle up, Aquarius — this month is a bit of a doozy for you. The 5 of Swords reversed indicates that you might be noticing some foul play or ill intentions bubbling to the surface from those around you.

The reversal may ultimately put a cap on how much this really comes through, but for keen-eyed Aquarius, even the intention of foul play from others may still bother you, no matter if they choose not to carry out their ploys.

The Wheel of Fortune reversed, too, makes you feel like the Universe is just not on your side this month, and even if untrue… it still stings to feel like you’re on the losing end of things, especially when others aren’t playing by the rules.

Just know: this time will pass, and you’ll have to trust that everyone will get their rightful rewards (or less-than-satisfactory results) as deserved when the time is right.


The Moon & King of Pentacles (Reversed)

An element of mystery and strangeness is here for your December, Pisces.

The Moon is your card, Pisces — intuitive, deep, and wholly hard to understand in any tangible way. It holds the depths of your unconscious mind and your wildest emotions, and it’s emphasizing the illusory, less grounded aspects of your mind and heart this month.

The King of Pentacles, a typically grounded and practical energy, is reversed for you, indicating that you’re not so focused on the tangible stuff for the month — including money, stability, and structures in your life. In fact, you may be throwing routine out the window altogether.

Your flair for the unconventional has the potential to be rewarding if carried out properly, but do know that you have to come down to Earth every so often, Pisces.

Where Will the Tarot Take You?

Whether or not you’re satisfied with the results of your Tarotscope, know that it’s really only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to forging the December of your dreams.

From astrological forecasts to perhaps an even more personalized Tarot reading, there is an abundance of ways to check up on your schedule ahead for December. The most important part, however, is knowing how to use these powerful tools.

These forecasts give you the map for understanding how to best navigate the month ahead, but you are the captain of the ship. Take fate into your own hands, and write the future of your dreams!

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