December 2019 Tarotscopes for Your Zodiac Sign

Posted on November 27, 2019

As 2019 comes to a finish and the new year inches closer and closer, there is never a better time for some guidance than in December.

The Tarot has spoken, and you may find your December Tarotscope with a Major Arcana and Minor Arcana card corresponding to the energy of your month below!

What is a Tarotscope?

You may have never heard this term before, and that’s because it is a simple mashup of the words ‘Tarot’ and ‘horoscope.’ Essentially, a Tarotscope results from using Tarot cards to determine your future. We have pulled two cards that represent the December horoscope for each sign and interpreted them for you below.

Let’s begin!

Your December 2019 Tarot Horoscope:

Aries: 2 of Cups & The Sun

Enjoy some happy unions, thriving connections, and an open-hearted spirit this December, Aries!

Things are picking up for you after what seems like a period of confusion and seriousness, and the world around you is transitioning into the energy of The Sun card, or a much softer, more joyful state.

Things should feel light, more innocent, and sweet — there is definitely a sense of childlike wonder running amok here! The world might suddenly seem new again, and opportunities for new friendships, romance, and fruitful business partnerships are blossoming.

Taurus: 2 of Wands & The World

Good things are in the works for you this month, Taurus!

The Two of Wands indicates a solid planning phase, and The World shows us that it’s properly in sync with what is meant for you.

Keep in mind that these good things take time, and this month, while absolutely meant as a rewarding planning phase, possibly not turning the fruits of your labor over to you overnight. Expect the feelings of productivity, inspiration, and purpose, but don’t rush what’s coming.

Gemini: 9 of Cups & The Hanged Man

If you put in the time, December is about to be a sweet, sweet month for you, Gemini!

The Nine of Cups brings forth a month of manifestation, making December the ideal time to begin those projects you’ve been putting aside, jumping on fulfilling those dreams you’ve been waiting to see come to fruition, and putting yourself out there.

This will also require some dedicated mindfulness time on your part, making sure your headspace is squeaky clean and free of self-limiting thoughts. Be careful what you wish for this month, because you very well may get it!

Cancer: 10 of Cups & Justice

It’s been a bit of a chaotic year for you, Cancer, so December is all about tying up those loose ends!

You’ll notice that things are coming to a close, paths are being finished, and past circumstances may have reappearances in your life to remind you to close that door. Perhaps this is a run-in with an ex, an urge to apologize to someone from the distant past, or simply the need to take a glance over old photos and press the delete button.

In any case, it’s time to let go before you can move onto the new horizons of 2020.

Leo: 2 of Swords & The Moon

It may literally feel like the universe has put a blindfold on you this month, Leo!

Much is occurring behind the scenes, and you may find yourself with a multitude of questions while running low on answers. Patience is key, and a little faith that everything will work itself out will go a long way. Take a few deep breaths, and get ready to begin embracing the unknown.

Besides, knowing all the answers can get a little boring, and a lion such as yourself should have no problem embracing that flair for dramatics and suspense!

Virgo: 5 of Cups & Strength

You win some and you lose some — December brings forth this energy for you, Virgo!

Perhaps you’ve experienced this perceived loss already, you can anticipate it coming, or it’s going to throw you off guard, but do expect some disappointment to be coming your way in the final moments of 2019.

The card Strength invites you to foster balance in your life and suggests that this may be what is missing when this loss occurs — a need to juggle the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual selves a bit more fairly. Make a mental note of this, keep calm, and maintain control over what you can control — yourself!

Libra: 4 of Swords & Death

Re-awakenings and extreme epiphanies are being suddenly brought to you this December, Libra!

Changes are afoot, and with them come many new perspectives and understandings of the communities around you and how you relate to them (and the larger collective). The mental clarity you gain in the finishing moments of the year may be surprising, but you’ll know it when you feel it, as it should just feel absolutely right.

With this will come the tendency to give advice to others with your newfound point of view, but focus inwardly first, and remember to sort out personal matters before sharing with others.

Scorpio: 9 of Swords & The Chariot

You seem a little on edge this month, Scorpio, but all are likely in this reality!

Faith is required on your end to lock in the sweet rewards that The Chariot card brings, and this may involve some deep inner work to combat the pesky thoughts coming from the Nine of Swords.

It may not be so comforting to know that the battle this month will be within yourself, but you may learn a thing or two about leaning on others for help — even when your scorpion tendencies may make you hesitant to do so!

Sagittarius: 10 of Swords & The Hermit

Introspection is nothing new to you, wise archer, but every year brings some level of newness to the forefront, Sagittarius!

It’s time for your annual checkup, a self-administered spiritual and emotional one, of course. The Ten of Swords depicts a more dramatic close to the end of the year, and you may find that things wrap themselves up in a more destructive way.

However, it doesn’t quite seem to phase you, as you’re very well focused on your own inner business. Keep rolling with the punches and holding up that Hermit energy until the final moments of 2019, Sagittarius!

Capricorn: Knight of Wands & Temperance

A tricky balance needs to be stuck this December for you, Capricorn!

You may find yourself caught between spontaneity and moderation, unable to quite decide between rolling with the expectations of others versus more boldly forging your own path before the year ends. Some of you may find yourselves with regrets over the past year and realize that more action was needed on your part to achieve those lingering goals.

On the other hand, you know that decisions have already been made, and it may just be time to wait to see what the new year brings in. The decision is ultimately yours, but be wary that the clock is ticking, and any decision will be better than none — or else you may find that the universe has selected something for you!

Aquarius: 4 of Pentacles & The Magician

Your skills and work ethic are soon to be rewarded this month, Aquarius!

Be careful of the tendency to keep all rewards for yourself. Many obstacles have been crossed to get to where you are, and not everyone has been so kind or supportive of your journey. Still, gratitude, humility, and composure are needed, and it’s a good idea to remind yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place.

The humanitarian and lover of life and community that resides within you isn’t going away anytime soon, and that person needs to shine through strongly this December.

Pisces: 7 of Cups & The High Priestess

Choices, choices, choices! Your intuitive inner fish may find itself at a bit of a crossroads this month, Pisces!

It is perhaps you of all signs that would know the answer best. Avoid any tendencies to ask others for help, because you truly do not need it! The High Priestess energy is here to awaken your Third Eye chakra and show you that the answers you need are always within you.

Take the leap and trust what comes to you naturally, and perhaps meditate on it if you find yourself swamped in second guesses!

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A Final Reminder

Keep an eye on the astrological transits at play this month for your particular sign as always. Make note of your Tarotscope and perhaps come back later in the month to see what may resonate differently in the midst of December. Find ways to reflect on your message in everyday life and remember that Tarot exists to place some power back into your palms more than anything else!

If you still find yourself stuck or in need of that little extra push or word of wisdom from the cards, you may wish to try a personalized free Tarot reading yourself, wind down with some meditative practices, or snag a deck of Tarot cards yourself!

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