Your Empowering July 2021 Tarotscopes

Posted on July 01, 2021
Updated on September 23, 2021

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Welcome to the midway point of 2021! Kicking us off with sweet and sentimental Cancer season, July is certain to be an emotional, but perhaps a very fruitful, month.

We are saying goodbye to Mutable Gemini season and saying hello to Water elemental sign Cancer, dominating most of July (until July 22nd, when fiery Leo takes over).

Either way, there’s an abundance of deeply emotional, passionate, and intuitive energy in the air. You’ll want to take a look not only at your daily or weekly horoscope to see what this all means for you but take a peek at this month’s Tarotscope.

With one card each from the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana, we’ll be unpacking all the details you need to know for your particular zodiac sign.

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Your July 2021 Tarotscope


Death (Reversed) & 6 of Wands (Reversed)

In June, many Aries were forced to reckon with the past and asked to leave behind what was no longer working.

This July, you’ll be feeling a bit tired as a result.

With Death reversed, you may find yourself reluctant to make new changes, and with the 6 of Wands reversed, there’s also less of your typical Aries drive for success and social recognition from your peers and loved ones.

This makes July a bit of a slower month overall, but it’s not the end of the world so long as you accept that a different pace might be what’s best for now… no matter if the whims of the speedy ram tempt you otherwise.


The Sun & 8 of Pentacles

This July brings forth beautifully productive and joyous energy for our lovely bulls.

The Sun shines upon Taurus friends with a lovely glow, bringing forth positive vibes and a kind of happy inner child energy.

With the 8 of Pentacles pointing to areas like hard work and determination, you may be prompted overall to revisit career and project ideas that once had your heart when you were younger.

What was it that your inner child wanted to accomplish? July is the month to see it through.


The Devil & 3 of Pentacles

You have an interesting mixed bag ahead, Gemini, which can be in your favor if you know how to play your hand smartly!

In June, you experienced the 3 of Pentacles reversed, so much of the work up to this point had to be done by yourself. This is the case no longer, as this card has now flipped upside-down, and you are more likely to have allies and friends able to assist with your needs this month.

That said, The Devil brings in some heavier energy, perhaps baggage from the past, or some obsessive tendencies (work hard, but not too hard) coming into place.

This month, the key is to let yourself be a team player and collaborator and know when to pass the baton.


The Fool (Reversed) & 5 of Cups

With Cancer season dominating July, it’s not surprising that you yourself will be very much in your feelings this month.

The Fool reversed indicates a lack of initiative, and a desire to hold onto past and present, perhaps not wanting to venture too far into the future.

Sure enough, the 5 of Cups clarifies that you may be placing your attention on anything but the possibilities of the unknown lying ahead of you. You may find yourself contemplating past losses and disappointments or second-guessing yourself frequently.

It’s okay to work through difficult emotions, Cancer, but just know that the future is a beautiful thing too. Keep your bright head on your shoulders as you proceed through July with caution.


The Wheel of Fortune & 7 of Wands

Are you ready for a bit of a challenge, brave lion?

The 7 of Wands foretells a kind of “uphill battle” energy for July for our Leo friends. The good news is that it’s far from impossible — you may just experience quite a few road bumps in your goals and ventures, needing to keep your eyes on the prize.

The even better news? The Wheel of Fortune points to you very much being on the right track, with the hands of fate in your favor.

So long as you keep your faith in the Universe (and most importantly, in yourself), the obstacles you face in July will be a breeze, soon turning into distant memories as you bask in your eventual glory.

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Judgment (Reversed) & 4 of Wands (Reversed)

You’re a bit off of your game this month, Virgo, which is okay.

With Judgement reversed, you may find it difficult to push to the finish line with big decisions, projects, and ideas. Overall, you have difficulty seeing clearly when it comes to direction and progress.

The 4 of Wands reversed also indicates that your typical foundations, whether in standard routines or in your relationships, may be out of sync as well, putting you further out of your element.

Essentially, routine and stability — key Virgo strengths — are just not clicking this month. Don’t try to force them, and you just might find strength in something else instead.


Strength & 6 of Pentacles

The theme of “give and take” continues, Libra.

Last month, the 6 of Pentacles came forward in a different context, demanding that you consider deeply how you give yourself to others and what you get in return. Perhaps you are the balancer and diplomat without much regard for what you’ll receive as compensation.

This month, the same card returns with Strength, equally asking that you now step into your own inner balance and strength with confidence. Last month’s lessons must be applied in July, as you may be challenged in these areas and asked to make tough choices.

You are more than capable of putting your foot down and standing your ground, Libra. Time to show ‘em what you’re made of!


The Hermit (Reversed) & 9 of Swords

A tough battle emerges for you, Scorpio, but it’s an internal one.

The Hermit reversed takes the reflective, wise, and contemplative qualities of this powerful Major Arcana card and turns them inward. This July, you’ll be contemplating the concept of self, identity and discovering more about who you are.

This isn’t all too unfamiliar for reflective Water elemental Scorpios, so what’s the catch? The 9 of Swords makes this reflective period quite intense, pointing to anxieties, nightmares, and any lingering inner demons and shadows that have needed to come to light.

Just know that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, and in typical Scorpio fashion, you have the ability to turn any self-reflective period into a great one.


Temperance (Reversed) & 5 of Wands (Reversed)

You’ll need some patience, inner fortitude, and balance this month, Sagittarius.

With Temperance reversed, you may have some difficulty keeping the emotional and spiritual aspects of your life in check. And why might that be?

Well, with 5 of Wands reversed, you may experience some minor, but still annoying, hiccups with social situations — perhaps some quarrels or disagreements and petty drama here and there. Overall, the cards for July warn of minor frustrations and feeling a bit out of sync with your typical optimistic archer spirit.

With that in mind, you can come up with a game plan and a couple of strategies with how to approach the month ahead!


Justice (Reversed) & 5 of Pentacles

So the saying goes: “what goes up must come down.”

June was more of a productive month for Capricorns, with most of the cards indicating energy within your element. However, this month, you might be faced with imbalance (thanks to Justice reversed) and potential loss or disappointment (thanks to 5 of Pentacles reversed).

However, these struggles are not for naught as the 5 of Pentacles, being the halfway point of the Earthy suit of pentacles, hints at much more still to come. Sometimes, it’s better to experience some difficulty in the middle of a path so that you can best avoid trouble at the end — when you’re ready to reap the rewards.

Just remember that there’s always a way to see the glass half full, Capricorn!


The Lovers (Reversed) & 8 of Cups

No more dwelling on the past, other people, or the memories of what once was… this month is about moving forward for Aquarius.

The key? With The Lovers reversed, it’s not just about making progress in the typical, moving forward, 8 of Cups standard kind of way, but also about doing this independently.

Yes, you’re carrying on themes of moving away from the old from June with this 8 of Cups energy, but it has a lovely self-focused flair. Remember that it’s not bad to keep the attention just on you and your needs for now!

It’s time to reconnect with the root of Aquarius — who you really are and what you really want.


The High Priestess (Reversed) & 10 of Pentacles

This July, you’re asking the big questions and thinking far ahead, Pisces.

It’s no secret that Pisces is known for their strong intuition. With The High Priestess reversed, this becomes a key component of your month ahead, turning this card’s intuitive and psychic qualities inward.

This means that what you’ll be tapping into that subconscious of yours for should mostly be… for you!

And with the Earthy energy of the 10 of Pentacles clarifying why this may be the case, we can see that a lot of your thoughts should be centered on long-term goals, stability, and comfort.

It’s overall a great month to be going inward and checking in with the deeper parts of yourself and ultimately carrying that otherworldly wisdom into something grounded and practical.

Managing the Mid-Year Madness With Tarot

As we head into the second half of the year, we may be checking in on the goals, plans, and resolutions we set for the beginning of 2021.

Maybe the pressure is settling in, or maybe you’re more excited and pumped than ever to keep things moving. Either way, knowing what lies ahead and where the energies are likely to send you is a helpful tool.

Check on your Tarotscope throughout the month for that little reminder of what you should be looking out for, or maybe for some validation of what you’re already going through!

Need more guidance? Feel free to check out our other astrology resources, pick up a free daily Tarot reading, or even browse for an Astrology Answers’ Tarot Deck for yourself!

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