Aries Health Horoscope Aries

Jan 29, 2020 - Your energy is amplified, perhaps even intense today. You may feel a surge of heat, with increased impulsivity—you want to make moves today. Just make sure that you’re thinking through the details of your details, especially those involving your wellbeing or health.

You should take a moment to breathe deeply and meditate today, which will introduce a sense of calm to otherwise chaotic energy.

Caffeine may be too stimulating today, as well as spicy foods like garlic, ginger, or cayenne pepper. This would be a good day for heart-healthy spinach and fruit smoothies.

Aries Health Horoscope Aries

Jan 30, 2020 - You are courageous and energetic today, able to take on just about any task or project that may come your way. If you work on maintaining emotional balance, you’ll enjoy a harmonious and flowing day. If you ignore your need for an emotional outlet, you may experience feelings of anger or irritation.

Balancing stones like clear quartz and orange calcite will help you maintain positive energy. Carry these stones in your left pocket for increased optimism and focus on the present moment.

Dark, leafy greens and whole grains give you a calming energy that lasts throughout the day. This would be a good day for a large salad with a slice of whole-grain bread.

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"My life is filled with tranquility and harmony," is the affirmation of Dumortierite, a crystal that is known to help with such health issues as cramping, headaches, nausea and even hypersensitivity. Its primary chakra is the Throat Chakra, which speaks to our communication and expression, helping us find our purpose. Particularly helpful to Leos, this calming crystal can help us feel supported if… Read More »

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