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For the Week of: November 19 - November 25

Nov 19, 2018 - It's a week of endings and beginnings for you, Aries. The Moon will arrive in your sign this week, but we also have a Full Moon on deck that will assist in bringing a communication matter to fulfillment. Things are finally starting to settle down for you this week, Aries, although you definitely have some catching up to do from last week with some planets in retrograde. But this changes this week as Neptune turns direct in the latter half of the week. And the Sun moves into Sagittarius! It may not be a busy week per se, but you're being dosed with all sorts of energy that will help you pursue and achieve some big goals.

The intensity of last week is trickling into this week, but you are being offered some refreshing opportunities for closures leading new beginnings under the Full Moon in Gemini as well. That doesn't arrive until later in the week, so spend the first portion of the week tying up whatever loose ends you can.

The week starts off with the Moon in your sign which is an emotionally refreshing way to think up some new beginnings. You have this energy through Tuesday. Also on Monday, your ruler links up with lucky Jupiter in your twelfth house of endings, shining a light on an issue that you want to bring to a close. You'll have high-energy about this and be pursuing this ending aggressively.

The week continues on a soft note, with the Moon in Taurus working your second house of earned income, and helping you to work through some practical matters. Time to get real and get down to business, under this Moon. Capitalize on your gifts and talents in order to reap some monetary benefits under this Moon.

By Thursday, the Sun is moving on into Sagittarius and your ninth house of foreign affairs. This is the Sun shining on your Big Picture matters, in addition to matters from afar. You are energized with an adventurous spirit for a few weeks which is a wonderful way to head into the holiday season.

This is beautiful energy to take you into the Full Moon in Gemini on Friday, working your third house of communication. You are just now tying up some issues in your communication sector. Communication with others is taking on its own new personality, and the seeds of that are just being planted this week. Some of the endings will come under the light of that Full Moon, and you may not see those closures this week.

But they will plant and bloom in time. Following the laws of karma is the way to ensure that those new beginnings are in your favor.

The next main event for you this week will occur over the weekend when Neptune turns direct in Pisces in your twelfth house of endings on Saturday. Start planning some new beginnings now as Neptune is coming out of the shadows and moving direct in your karma house, so this will also bear some endings in your life over the next several months.

This is all about endings and secrets, and is preparing you for Saturday’s Neptune switch out of retrograde in this house. Karma is everything right now, so be very mindful of that.

If things seem stressful now, take a big breath, as the softer energy begins to arrive on Sunday when the Moon enters Cancer and your fourth house of roots and foundations. This will bring a softer and slower energy into your family matters over the weekend. That's all settling down now. Finally. Make those Full Moon wishes count this week, Aries. Have a blessed week, Aries!

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