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For the Week of: June 14 - June 20

Jun 14, 2021 - This Monday witnesses the 2nd square between Uranus and Saturn that we will witness in 2021, the first occurring February, the third arriving in December, and it is going to present you with a bit of a dichotomy. Saturn is currently in Aquarius and your social 11th House of groups and global communications, while Uranus is in Taurus and your grounded 2nd House of earned income and material security, causing you to experience some growing pains in relation to the people around you. Perhaps you’re coming to realize that the people you surround yourself with don’t mirror your values, or perhaps you’ve simply outgrown your old group, so take some time to consider whether or not you’re where you want to be and who you want to be with; if you need to find your soul tribe then it’s time to start looking.

Mid-week gets punctured with a particular Half Moon in Virgo on the 17th, which might leave you feeling as though you’ve left a few too many projects on the backburner. If the urge to get your life in order strikes don’t be surprised, and don’t fight it either; things are wildly out of balance right now and this Virgo energy is the perfect reminder that we must find inner balance before we can find it outside of ourselves.

It is time to power down and rest for a while come the 20th. You’ve been on something of a social whirlwind for the last month while the Sun has been touring outgoing Gemini and your buzzy 3rd House of local community and communications, but there is a huge shift in the energy overhead as the Sun waves goodbye to this busy part of your chart and slips into emotive Cancer and your homey 4th House of feelings and foundations. The next month is really about nesting and tending to matters on the home front, as opposed to spending all your time focused on working your way up the career ladder. That being said, during this time you could find ways to turn a profit at home, perhaps by turning part of your living room into a home office or asking your boss for a few more work-from-home days a week.

On this same day Jupiter turns retrograde in Pisces and your mystical 12th House of intimacy and fantasy. A bond that has been growing over the last few months could slow its roll as you take the time to make sure you’re on the same page, or, on the other hand, if you’ve been on the receiving end of some fantastic largesse from one person or another it might be time to either pay that favor back, or time to pay it forward. How do you balance the good that comes to you with good you do for others? It’s time to figure it out, Aries.

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