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For the Week of: January 14 - January 20

Jan 14, 2019 - For the most part, it is a fairly hum drum week for you, Aries, but intense energy picks up later in the week as you begin preparing for a lunar eclipse and a big change. Something big is coming to fulfillment, and the outcome depends entirely on your karma. Spend the week tying up some loose ends and working out what you need to work out to ensure this change is promising.

The week starts off with some intensity when communicator Mercury links up with dreamy Neptune on Monday in your career house. Some wonderful work news is going to find you on this day, that will make you feel good, and even admired and appreciated by the people you work with or work for.

Over Tuesday and Wednesday we are seeing some activity working in your money house, and also your house of career and work matters. You've got some luck coming your way this week! These are wonderful days for you to really try to capitalize off of your gifts and talents.

You could make some real money here, as the sensual and creative Taurus Moon works your money house at this point of the week. Watch your money matters here as you inch closer to that lunar eclipse which launches next week. This should be a favorable Moon transit but you may be quite emotional about things.

As the week continues, things quiet down somewhat for you. Over Thursday and Friday the Moon in Gemini is working your communication house. So watch your words and use them with integrity to win at this point of the week. Communication is a super power for you with the Gemini Moon in your third house of communication. This is a wonderful day for you to get caught up on some of your correspondence, messages, and paperwork.

Friday will be a big day for you with a lot of change coming your way.

This begins when communicator Mercury forms a conjunction with transformation planet Pluto in your tenth house of career destiny. So some news is going to come that will make a big change for you, but it's a favorable one if your karma is intact. Prepare for a power play or some big information.

Some restless energy arrives on Friday when communicator the Sun squares off with Uranus in your work house. Don't get involved in drama, but channel that restlessness into productivity and you are the one that is admired. How you appear to others is important to your sense of Self now, and karma is everything.

The Cancer Moon in your house of home and family over Saturday and Sunday will help you to realize who and what really matters in your world as the week wraps up. This is officially the launch of the lunar eclipse Full Moon zone, and is going to have you tending to matters at home and working on things that nurture your family center. It will be a busy end of the week for you while you tend to these details.

Come Sunday, under that start of the lunar eclipse energy, the Sun enters Aquarius on and this is going to launch a time where communication in your social networks is favored. This is true in both love and work.

So sharpen up your LinkedIn profile, or your online dating profile, as the next few weeks promise wonderful things in the areas of communication and social connections. Prepare for that Full Moon and lunar eclipse event on Monday which will bring intense energy into all of next week. Have a blessed week, Aries!

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