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For the Week of: March 18 - March 24

Mar 18, 2019 - Happy Spring, Aries! And happy birthday, baby! You are in for an exciting week of beginnings, and you were going to feel energized all week long, and into the coming weeks. You can thank the beautiful Spring Equinox for that, and this occurs this week on Wednesday. This is a wonderful week for you to jump start some goals, as you will not have this energy all year long.

It's also a week of endings as we head into another Full Moon week. This week there’s a lot of romance on the cards for you. You've got a hot week for romance ahead, my friend, with the Leo Moon working in your house of play for the first half of the week. This energy is fun at first but becomes much more committed by Thursday under the Full Moon in Libra.

That Full Moon zone begins on Tuesday, and will help you to close some chapters. Spend the first half of the week tying up any loose ends you have kicking around, and remember that karma is everything.

Some wonderful experiences arrive Thursday that launch a fresh new chapter when lover Venus links up with generous Jupiter in your social house. This happens on the same day as that Full Moon. You are feeling like you want to break the mould and just try something new. Do it! It’s all about those new chapters for you right now.

Thursday's Full Moon in Libra will help in the game of love as it occurs in your seventh house of relationships. This could mean an ending in love, but it will be one where you are calling the shots, and an exciting new chapter ahead awaits.

The rest of the week is fairly calm and ripe with Moon energy as you launch the opening of Spring.

The Scorpio Moon arriving Sunday will have you getting closer with someone when your eighth house of secrets and taboo is activated. By Sunday, you are sooo ready for that new beginning. Some good news is expected to find you on Sunday when Mercury and Neptune, both in Pisces, link up to give you a great big hug. Make those Full Moon wishes count this week, Aries! Enjoy that shine, and have a blessed week, Aries!

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