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Jun 13, 2021 - Under this Leo Moon, you are advised not to make any big financial decisions today, Aries, and also to watch out for impulse-spending, because you might find yourself suffering some kind of regret!

Think about your long-term goals and proceed with caution today. You might feel like doing something on a whim but it is unlikely to work in your favor.

This Moon in Leo enhances your creativity and encourages you to get on with creative projects that could have a beneficial financial outcome for you in the future.

What ideas spring to mind at this time? Layout a plan and trust in the power of your own imagination and drive.

Jun 14, 2021 - The Moon is in Leo and your emotions may be running deeper than usual today, Aries. It's important to be confident in what you say as the outcome will depend on it.

Are you confident in what you want? Are you confident of your own abilities? Others pick up on the strength of your confidence and when you feel it, they feel it too.

Believe in yourself and speak your mind today, Aries. There are new opportunities on the horizon, so expand your thinking and use that famous Ram energy to go for what you want!

Jun 15, 2021 - Today you may be contemplating your own finances at a deeper level, Aries, but this is a time of action and opportunity for you as the Moon is in Leo and getting your motivational juices pumping.

The universal energies are clashing a bit and this may result in issues for you. Insecurities may come rising to the surface and this may cause you to hesitate regarding financial plans for the future, causing you to doubt yourself.

However, it’s time to harness that bold energy of yours and continue to believe in yourself! Good things are coming, Aries. You may have to push through some obstacles to get there but it is coming so keep pushing through!

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