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Sep 21, 2021 - Today you may be contemplating your own finances at a deeper level, Aries, but this is a time of action and opportunity for you as the Moon is in your sign, bestowing your own energy onto the world.

Insecurities may come rising to the surface and this may cause you to hesitate regarding financial plans for the future, causing you to doubt yourself.

However, it’s time to harness that bold energy of yours and continue to believe in yourself! Good things are coming, Aries. You may have to push through some obstacles to get there but it is coming so keep pushing through!

Sep 22, 2021 - With the Moon in your sign, a bit of impulse-spending might occur, so keep an eye on your emotions today, Aries!

This is also a positive day for communication and concentrating on your long-term plans. Your creativity is especially strong at this time.

What creative projects can you merge into your material world? Others may be looking for you for guidance. What words of wisdom can you give to them today? There are opportunities on the horizon, Aries – just keep a keen balance within and stay patient.

Sep 23, 2021 - The Moon is in Taurus and in your second house today, Aries, and this bodes well for your financial endeavors, so it is time to get cracking on with some bright ideas!

Technically, it should be a rest day for you so one thing you don’t want to do is over-exert yourself. Spending some time calmly assessing your financial situation while giving yourself plenty of wind-down time is the way to go.

You’ll likely be facing some important decisions in the coming future as things are about to speed up. It’ll be time for some of that famous Aries energy! Yes, you may need to do a bit of leaping-in-head-first, but take time today to harness the cautious Taurus energy to bring you some much-valued caution at the same time.

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