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May 17, 2022 - After the intense Full Moon eclipse in Scorpio yesterday, Aries, the Moon moves into Sagittarius and this brings you the opportunity to reflect on all that happened under this Full Moon energy.

If you came to realizations about your finances, this is a great time to adapt yourself to a new way of thinking and possibly a new way of doing things.

As challenging as things can be at times, this energy brings the perfect opportunity for balance and deeper understanding. So go where your instincts lead you today, Aries.

May 18, 2022 - Sometimes your sense of adventure gets the better of you, Aries, and you may find yourself plunging into situations you end up regretting.

It's all about moderation at this time, so don't let your impulsive side get the better of you, especially when it comes to finances!

Taking time to analyze and go through everything with careful consideration is the best way forward under this energy. Trust in yourself and exercise moderation today, Aries.

May 19, 2022 - There's a chance that a conversation with another can lead to some intense and powerful positive changes for you, Aries, so it's a good idea to stay open and flexible today!

Money may have been a concern lately but the more you focus on the positives, the easier everything is to handle.

Take time to think about the changes you wish to see and how you can manifest them. Recent lunar energies are clearing the way for a brighter future, Aries, so take time to have a good think today about what you want to see happen.

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