capricorn Sex Horoscope:

May 15, 2022 - Do you know where you’re going today, Capricorn? It might be a little difficult to tell and trying to ask people for guidance might leave you as confused as when you started, if not even more so.

The intuitive Moon in Scorpio is reaching out across the sky to illusory Neptune in Pisces and your buzzy 3rd House of local communities and communications, casting a hazy fog over the day that could have you scratching your head as you attempt to figure out just exactly what it was that that person was saying. If you only seem to be picking up mixed messages don’t worry; with Neptune in the picture things are going to be more like a watercolor than any HD resolution, so understand that the clear lines of reality you’re normally so fond of are suspended today.

Don’t worry, this is only temporary and soon enough you can get back to knowing exactly where you stand both on your own and with someone special.

May 16, 2022 - People are going to be calling your name to come and play, and it is up to you to answer them or else they may very well eventually move on and leave you behind, so don’t miss out on a chance for excitement and passion! There is a powerful Full Moon in Scorpio today that will beautifully illuminate your 11th House of social groups as well as hopes and dreams, so this is a wonderful opportunity to mingle with a whole new group of people.

This sector generally deals with platonic relationships, but with this Moon casting such magical energy in the heavens you could very well see someone leaving the friend zone and entering much steamier territory over the coming few weeks. Full Moons give you a two-week window to make magic happen, so go ahead and get to it.

May 17, 2022 - It might be a little difficult to get a proper read on your desires today, powerful though they might be. Romantic Venus in your home sector is coming together in the sky with the intuitive Moon in your subconscious sector for their twice a month meet-up, an event which is always sure to get sparks flying.

This time, however, with such emotional sectors activated it might be a little difficult to know what to do with all this fire burning inside you. One minute you’re dying to jump in the sack, the next you just really don’t give a damn.

That’s not to say things might come to a screeching halt halfway through a passionate tryst, but definitely gage your desires today carefully and make sure every urge is coming from the right place and that you’re expressing it in the right way.

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