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Oct 02, 2022 - It's important to regenerate your energies, Gemini, and if you have been struggling with a financial decision, now is the time to rebalance yourself so you can view things from a clearer perspective.

Sometimes it just takes some time out to see all the difference. Negotiation is on the agenda at this time. What aspects of your finances could benefit from this?

Make a list of the changes you could make and the changes you wish to see. Manifestation is strong today so take time to let the universe know what you need - always remember the universe hears your call, Gemini!

Oct 03, 2022 - It's time to cut yourself some slack and remind yourself of your long-term aims, Gemini, as this is a pivotal turning point for your finances.

Be sure to recharge your batteries. This is a great time to reconnect with yourself. Where do you feel you lack a sense of motivation in your life?

This lunar energy encourages you to find it and grasp it. Embrace the change that is coming as this is a powerful time for change, Gemini. Keep an eye for opportunities to make more income - they are coming!

Oct 04, 2022 - Some contemplation is on the agenda today. Sometimes what we want and what we need are two entirely different things. Today is about making this distinction, Gemini.

The way forward may not be clear at this time when it comes to your finances and you may feel a sense of confusion. But trust that things will work out as they should. The more you go inwards, the more you will find clarity.

Time spent in nature is time well-spent, Gemini. Don't underestimate the power of reflective thought. In it lies a source of wisdom that you can access when you choose. You just have to give yourself permission to take time out and explore it.

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