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Feb 26, 2021 - This is a day to think about how your relationships with finances makes you feel, Gemini.

The Moon is in Virgo and encouraging you to be practical in your thinking. It’s possible some worry concerns will come rising to the surface and generate some anxiety within so it is important to catch it before it happens.

Writing down your concerns or thoughts about money is a good way to assess what you need to do and to bring greater balance to your inner self.

Don’t let any anxiety get the better of you, Gemini; new beginnings are on the horizon and it's time to stay positive.

Feb 27, 2021 - Happy Full Moon, Gemini!

With this Full Moon falling in fellow Mercury sign, Virgo, this is an excellent day for communicating your thoughts and feelings to loved ones and you will find that any pressing financial issues can be resolved with greater ease at this time.

This is a time to assess what has been going on and look at ways you can improve for the coming future. An open and honest conversation with yourself is important, Gemini. Go inwards and let the lunar energies work their magic on you.

Feb 28, 2021 - Today is an excellent time to pursue new activities and embrace your creativity, Gemini. Think about the positive changes you wish to make, for new opportunities are upon you.

Your finances can benefit from new plans and a new way of thinking. If the old way of doing things no longer works, it’s time to consider new options that can help you.

Reach out to others to have financial discussions as this is a good way to get new perspective. The advice you receive today can be very rewarding for you in the coming future.

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