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Oct 29, 2020 - This is a time when your passions are racing, Gemini, and your mind may not be on money so much but this is a great time to move forward with new and inventive ideas!

With the Moon in fiery Aries and encouraging you to network with others, you may come across a business proposition or idea, or two, that gets your juices flowing.

Listen to what your passions are telling you. Does it sound like a good idea? If so, go with what your intuition is saying. Your instincts are strong today and it is wise to listen to them.

Oct 30, 2020 - This is a good day to focus on long-term financial plans under the Moon in Taurus, but at the same time you may experience a few hiccups along the way!

There are some intense energies clashing in the skies above, Gemini, so be sure to keep a cool head. Delays and frustrations are possible. Technology may play up on you, but be sure to keep your cool today and don’t cave into feelings of frustration.

It’s important to monitor your feelings at this time and not allow stress to get the better of you. Stay grounded and positive with meditation and wearing/using crystals such as kyanite and rose quartz to calm and soothe you.

Oct 31, 2020 - Today brings excellent focus and drive, Gemini. Think about your long-term financial goals as this is a lucky day for planning for the long term.

Be aware of delays or blips that may frustrate you, especially when making transactions. Take some time out if you find yourself getting irritated. Keeping your cool and a good balance is crucial to your productivity today.

Take time out among nature and spend time chatting to loved ones who can boost your spirits. Let yourself relax. Things may be challenging, Gemiini, but you can overcome anything you set your mind to.

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