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Nov 27, 2020 - Grounded energy helps you stay focused today, Gemini, making this an excellent day for hard work and paying attention to your projects. If you don’t wake up feeling motivated, try starting your day with an invigorating self-care routine, including yoga, meditation, and crystal healing.

Carnelian is a stone that increases vitality and drive, helping you feel even more ambitious today. Place a piece of carnelian in your left pocket to increase motivation.

Potassium phosphate is an important mineral for the body, as it boosts your mood and prevents depression or tension. Spinach, broccoli, and figs are excellent sources of this mineral, so try adding them to your diet today, Gemini.

Nov 28, 2020 - You’re more focused on your goals and hard work than usual today, Gemini, making this a great day to be as productive as possible. Focusing on the things you need to get done will help you feel more confident and capable today.

Carnelian is a stone that increases vitality and drive, helping you feel even more ambitious today. Place a piece of carnelian in your left pocket to increase motivation.

For lunch, take a spinach tortilla and fill it with turkey, cheese, tomatoes, spinach, and mayonnaise, and then roll it and slice it for a portable, healthy treat, Gemini.

Nov 29, 2020 - Your thoughts are abundant and creative today, Gemini. You may come up with new and exciting solutions to challenges or problems you may have been facing recently. Pay attention to the ideas that you come up with today! Meditation will help you clear out any negative thoughts or tension from the body.

Moss agate is a stone that promotes strength and courage, helping you face any challenging emotions today. Keep a piece of moss agate in your pocket or your purse for encouraging energy throughout the day.

If you need an afternoon snack, try serving up some Kalamata olives with crackers, Gemini. Olives contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fats as well as robust antioxidants.

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