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For the Week of: July 15 - July 21

Jul 15, 2019 - Money matters are a large focus for you this week, Gemini, with Cancer energy still abundant, and a Full Moon in Capricorn and lunar eclipse working your money houses. During the week, information and the sharing of resources is going to be the largest focus for you because of this. It's a week where you are focused more on your responsibilities, and when you do that, you will succeed in both work and love. Your ruler Mercury is still retrograde and will change signs as well this week.

Capricorn Moon energy starts off the week on Monday, with the Moon in Capricorn working your eighth house of shared resources. That energy leads you into the Full Moon and lunar eclipse on Tuesday.

The Full Moon in Capricorn and lunar eclipse is working your eighth house of resources on Tuesday will have you sharing resources and information with a partner, and when you do, you will strengthen your bonds with them.

The Moon in Aquarius is in your ninth house of foreign affairs between Wednesday and Friday, auguring some new beginnings in global matters or travel. The Aquarius Moon is amplifying the emotional intensity on these love matters. Foreign business is also favored under the Aquarius Moon. With the last of the Full Moon energy around here, it's a great time for some new beginnings here.

On Thursday energy could be a little confusing as a Venus and Neptune trine in your second house of earned income is more emotional than logical for you. But the truth sorts itself out eventually as Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer in this same second house of earned income on Friday. By August 1 you should feel better about things.

On Sunday, the Pisces Moon amplifies your house of image again, and you will need to spread good karma to be perceived well by the world. Do unto others, Gemini, and the romantic Pisces Moon favors love for you on Sunday, but only if you are on your best behavior.

Also on Sunday, a Venus and Pluto opposition in your second house of earned income is going to help you to attract some interesting money changes. Pluto is tearing down a wall here, so prepare yourself for some potential discomfort. Don't feed the temper and you win. It's a high karma week, Gem. Make your Full Moon wishes count this week, Gemini! Have a blessed week, Gemini!

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