Gemini Gemini Weekly Horoscope

For the Week of: November 12 - November 18

Nov 12, 2018 - If your romantic relationships have been still lately, Gemini, you can expect those to pick up in the coming weeks. Overall this is a quiet week for you, but you are entering a very harmonious time in love, and will also have some fun work moments this week. Your ruler turns retrograde, Venus goes direct, and Mars changes signs as well this week. These are not major upheavals but you are going to see some energy changes in the coming weeks.

The week starts off on a quiet note, with the bulk of the energy of the week happening in the latter half of the week. Between Tuesday and Thursday, the Aquarius Moon is going to light up your house of foreign matters, which will have you really thinking and philosophizing about matters in the world at large.

On Thursday, warrior Mars enters Pisces and your tenth house of career destiny. Your career or public image, or both, will be the spotlight under this transit, Gemini, although you will close the week with a heavy emphasis on social matters. Your tenth house of career and reputation is activated through this transit, and you have to be careful with this one. Your temper is going to be riled up in many ways over the next few weeks, and it has the tendency to destroy your reputation on a good day. With temper-driven Mars in karmic Pisces and in your reputation house, you need to be very careful.

Also on Thursday, Mars has some additional surprises in store for you when it links up with shock planet Uranus in a favorable way in this same reputation house. Expect the unexpected!

You also have your ruling planet Mercury making some waves this week, and heading into the backstroke with a Mercury retrograde that starts on Friday. This is going to happen in your relationship house, bringing the backstroke into your partnership matters. Spend the days of the week prior wrapping up some old business and closing up projects and heavy relationship matters. Then, when Mercury retrograde begins on Friday, you will have nothing to worry about.

Love and children are on your mind over the next few weeks when Venus turns direct in fellow Air Sign Libra on Friday, and continues to work in your fifth house of pleasures and entertainment. This move out of retrograde frees up some serious energy for you and you are feeling carefree and fun with a romantic partner, or on the social scene if you are looking. The week ends on Sunday with the Moon in Aries and in your eleventh house of groups and friendships. You are feeling social! It’s a beautiful and harmonious way to end the week. Have a blessed week, Gemini!

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