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For the Week of: January 11 - January 17

Jan 11, 2021 - This is an incredibly transformative week for you, Gemini, so just in case the world didn’t seem to be in enough upheaval, get ready to join the circus because you have your own part to play in all this. That isn’t to say you need to jump on the frontlines, but rather that you should be prepared to make like the globe and get ready to shift into new territory, and in the process make a point to leave things behind which no longer serve you; fortunately, if anyone should be able to do this, it would be a Gemini.

Come the 13th the sky will be illuminated with the beautiful New Moon in Capricorn and your 8th House of sex, death, and shared finances; putting the focus on the most intense aspects of your life. This energy is all about planting seeds for something beautiful to grow, and because this lunation is forming such beautiful angles to other planets, it looks as though whatever you try to establish now will come back to support you for years to come. Trust your intuition and any voices that might be guiding you right now, because chances are good they know exactly what they are talking about. This Moon also forms a tight angle to alchemical Pluto, which just so happens to rule the 8th House, so these themes of transformation, so this energy is going to be sharply underlined for you.
As if that wasn’t enough, the very next day features a whirlwind of alignments, as the sun syncs up at the exact same degree as Pluto, making for one of the most powerful days of the year that could see you breaking down some walls with someone or something; either way, it looks like you could experience a major change, but Pluto isn’t solely responsible for this. Mars in Taurus and your dreamy 12th House will form a tense square to Saturn in Aquarius and your 9th House of expansion and higher-learning, so you might find your thought process going through something of an upheaval. To top it off, Uranus will also be turning direct on this day in Taurus, which should help you out rather than hinder you; for the last five months Mars has been spinning backwards, throwing a few wrenches in your subconscious, but with this change you’re going to be embarking on a fresh journey of leaving things behind which no longer serve you.

Speaking of, on the 17th, Uranus will lock into a square with Jupiter in Aquarius, repeating the angle between Mars and Saturn from only a few days previous. You could have some amazing insights or ideas on this day, but don’t sign yourself up completely without thinking things through; this energy can make you more of a gambler than you should be, so only start betting if you know it’s a sure win.

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