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For the Week of: May 20 - May 26

May 20, 2019 - You have an exciting week ahead, Gemini, although it could be an intense emotional ride for you. A big romantic or partnership issue comes full circle this week, under the Moon in Sagittarius, that is coming off of last weekend's Full Moon event. Monday's Moon is working your seventh house of long-term relationships, and will be bringing a partnership full circle. It really is a big wish coming true, and although it may not feel complete now, the seeds are being planted for something beautiful.

That Sagittarius Moon continues on Monday, but its energy was available to use as early as last week. Don't focus so much on new beginnings. Instead, focus on wrapping things up and bringing some key projects to fulfillment and completion. Monday's Moon energy is working your seventh house of love. It's time for a chapter to come to a long awaited close. And it feels good.

By Tuesday, your ruler Mercury is entering Gemini and your first house of Self and so is the Sun. This launches an inspiring time for you, and a time of new beginnings! Your mind may be consumed with new beginnings, or you may just have a better sense of Self. Communication about new beginnings, new chapters, and fresh new starts will pick up for you in the coming weeks, and will only amplify as more planets enter your sign.

By Wednesday, you are feeling inspired by the possibilities ahead. A favorable link between Mars and Uranus in your second house of earned income has you feeling good about just about anything. Mars is sending some impassioned energy your way, and expect the unexpected planet Uranus can help you to attract some opportunities when you follow those freedom vibes.

Between Thursday and Saturday you have the Aquarius Moon in your ninth house of Big Picture visions and you are dreaming big. Use Einstein solutions. You feel good with this compatible energy. It's a charming and beautiful way for you to wrap up the week! Have a blessed week!

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