Gemini Gemini Weekly Horoscope

For the Week of: January 21 - January 27

Jan 21, 2019 - You are ready to start a fresh new page, Gemini, and this energy begins early in the week for you, whether you want the change or not. Your energy might be a little all over the map this week, but focus on the one thing that is touching you the most, and this is the area Universe is pointing you to when it comes to what will be the most successful for you. This week there is an intense Full Moon and total lunar eclipse launching the week, and you also have your ruler entering fellow Air Sign Aquarius later in the week.

This week's Full Moon in Leo eclipse is the change making moment of your week and arrives on Monday. This is going to occur in your communication house. This comes with a lunar eclipse and so you may see an ending in an area that communication rules, or a big change maybe coming your way. Follow your heart, and lead with integrity and karma at this point of the week, Gemini.

Also on Monday you have Mars squaring off with Saturn in your house of friendships. This is a potential trouble spot for you this week, Gemini, and you'll need to err on the side of caution. This is not the week to go spouting off with your temper and expect to win. Saturn in play suggests authority figures could come in the mix, so stay on the right side of karma, and the law. This happens under that lunar eclipse energy so know that big changes are ahead, and you want them to be in your favor.

Come Tuesday, the astrological weather feels a little more favorable when Venus links up with Jupiter in your relationship house. It's wonderful energy working your romantic matters again, and you are inspired and optimistic. But you don't want to feel too big here though, Gem, as reality may not be aligned with what those big dreams of yours.

Come Wednesday, you'll get some news out of the blue when Mercury forms a square with Uranus in your house of secrets. You are feeling impassioned and motivated by this news with Uranus activating your ruling planet here.
This news is coming out of the blue, so expect some shock waves. You'll need to be on your best behavior if you want those surprise to be good ones, as karma is high on this week.

By Thursday, Mercury enters Aquarius and your ninth house of foreign matters, launching an inspiring time where big ideas count. The Sun is already here, so focus on expanding your mind and being open to all expressions. Yours aren't the only ones that count, and sometimes you forget that. It's important to stay rational to win.

The rest of the week is fairly calm under the Moon energy, with no major changes in the forecast to report. It's a relief for you after an intense week. Make those Full Moon wishes karmic ones, Gemini. Have a blessed week, Gemini!

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