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Aug 25, 2019 - Today's Moon in Cancer is going to shed some light on some financial matters for you, Gemini, and it's likely you're going to have a big decision to make. This Moon arrives in your second house of earned income, triggering some issues with money and family.

Some new beginnings are possible here depending on the decision that you make, and you may even see some money relief if you make the right decisions. Keep your intentions in check, Gemini, and the decision will go in your favor.

Financial gains are absolutely possible for you as you start this year, but only if you have play the karma cards right. Otherwise you are going to be spinning to find a solution for a money pickle. In fact, this Moon may be asking you to correct a financial error or mistake from your past.

What money matters are coming to the table today, Gemini?

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The Tower

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Known for its properties of intuition, guidance and focusing energy, Sodalite is a wonderful crystal to work with issues such as insomnia, self-esteem and an overactive imagination. "I let logic and intuition guide me," is Sodalite's affirmation, and its primary chakra is the Throat Chakra, connected to the way we express ourselves and communicate with others. Excellent for Sagittarius to work wit… Read More »

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