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Jun 05, 2020 - There may be some serious discussions in your relationships with others, Gemini, but this is all for the good!

With the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and in your seventh house of partnerships, you may feel drawn to having deep and intense conversations in your relationships so you can work out ways in which things can be better between you. This makes it a wonderful time for reconciliation and empathy.

This Full Moon brings with it exposure of what is hidden, especially with the Moon trine Chiron transit at work. It's a powerful time for healing in your relationships and you and your loved ones are able to get beyond what has happened and find ways you can strengthen the bond between you. Be open, honest and speak from the heart today, Gemini.

Love Horoscope

Jun 05, 2020 - Is it easy for you to be in relationship to others? Are you skilled in your diplomacy skills that are a necessary pillar in any healthy relationship? The Full Moon is in Sag and in your 7th house.  It is…Read More >>

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Jun 05, 2020 - Who are the people in your life, Gemini? You’ve built up a wide net of acquaintances over the years and have managed to pull together some very interesting and impressive social circles. The people within…Read More >>

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Jun 05, 2020 - Today the Sag Full Moon is occurring in your 7th house and is inviting you to look at the nature of your business partnerships. Do you trust those whom you’re in relationship with? Do you have the willingness…Read More >>

Health Horoscope

Jun 05, 2020 - Creating mental and physical balance is key for maintaining emotional equilibrium today, Gemini. It might help to write your feelings down or meditate on the things you want to attract. Beginning the day with…Read More >>

Sex Horoscope

Jun 05, 2020 - Things have probably been a little less than thrilling lately, Gemini; yes, you have probably had a lot going on and plenty of things to tend to, but busy doesn’t equal exciting and I certainly don’t need…Read More >>

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8 of Pentacles

8 of Pentacles

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"I make decisions based on my heart," is the affirmation of Chrysoprase, a crystal known to help with digestive system issues, heart problems and detoxification. Compassionate Chrysoprase's primary chakra is the Heart Chakra, which helps us to love ourselves and others, as well as with relationships. Especially powerful for Libra and Taurus, Chrysoprase can assist with emotional issues such as… Read More »

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