Gemini Daily Horoscope:

May 18, 2022 - What’s mine, what’s yours, and what’s ours? Don’t be surprised if you find yourself dealing with issues of shared resources today, be they with a friend, lover, or family member. The Moon is moving through your 8thHouse, which governs our security and finances as they relate to others, including taxes and inheritances, while Jupiter is flying through your group-oriented 11th House.

Today these two powerful bodies will be arm wrestling for control, and the more you try and get involved the more difficult it could be to reach an accord with someone. If you need to go over a business matter consider trying to put it off a few more days, even if you need to fake sick to do so.

Under today’s stars these conversations are more likely to lead to a blow-out argument than anything productive, and no one wants to waste their time with unnecessary bickering.

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