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January 14 - January 20

Jan 14, 2019 - You don't have many direct transits touching your sex houses this week, Gemini, but you are still in a place where communication can get downright saucy. This doesn't start until later in the week. The first half of the week is busy with work and life details. But by next week, a Full Moon eclipse enters romantic Leo and in your third house of communication. This transit inspires you to follow your passions, particularly in the area of communication for a few weeks.

Get your flirt on, Gem! You can start practicing that this week!

But first, you can work on starting a new page in love with the Moon in your sign over Thursday and Friday. You are exciting to wipe the slate clean and start a fresh page. By Friday, a Venus and Mars trine in your relationship house is going to help you to attract some wonderful things in love, if your karma is intact. A Sun and Uranus square in your house of taboo on Friday has some unexpected things for you in the way of secrets. Tread lightly and remember the Law of Attraction. It could be the keys to a very saucy week, Gemini. Have a very saucy week, Gem!

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