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Jun 13, 2021 - Well, well, well, it looks as though you’ve got a rather hectic day ahead of you, but whether or not this energy has an impact on your sex life is a different matter altogether. The intuitive Moon is coming together for her once-a-month alignment with sex god Mars in Leo and your outgoing 3rd House of local community and communications.

This sector generally deals with friends as opposed to anyone with a more particular label, but with Mars in the picture you never know–someone might decide they’ve spent enough time hanging out in the friend zone and decide it is time to change positions. That person could even be you!

Either way, there is a lot of potential fireworks hanging out overhead, but it’s up to you whether or not you’re going to set them off. Are you ready to light up the night? It’s all up to you so decide what you want and then get to making it happen.

Jun 14, 2021 - This could be a day that feels full of fantastic opportunity, Gemini, and you know what? It is, BUT it’s also got a few flies in the ointment so let’s take a closer look and go from there.

The intuitive Moon is moving through Leo and your outgoing 3rd House of community and friendships, so you’ll be ready to hit the town before the day is done. A number of planets will be coming together to support this mood; however, there will also be a strong opposition between the Moon and sober Saturn in your 9th House of adventure, so just when you feel ready to get out into the world and find all the beauty it holds, something gets in your way.

Whatever this roadblock might be is only temporary, however, so take a bit of time to move it out of your way and you can continue on to your promising pleasure cruise.

Jun 15, 2021 - Today the planets are coming together to offer you a pleasurable and exciting experience, Gemini, and they want you to enjoy every moment. The intuitive Moon is almost done with her tour of Leo and your 3rd House of local happenings and friendships, but before she moves on she’s reaching out across the sky and sending out a harmonious beam to the primal Sun, currently in your sign and your 1st House of self-expression and action.

Under this transit you could meet someone who has the potential to be much more than just a friend, if you know what that means. Thanks to another powerful alignment from Pluto throughout the day, connections will develop quickly and you’ll be sure to see sparks fly in the bedroom. With all these gifts coming your way you’ve hardly got to do more than lay back and enjoy the experience.

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