gemini Sex Horoscope:

Jul 31, 2021 - It might be a little difficult to get a proper read on your desires today, powerful though they might be. Romantic Venus in your home sector is coming together in the sky with the intuitive Moon in your subconscious sector for their twice a month meet-up, an event which is always sure to get sparks flying.

This time, however, with such emotional sectors activated it might be a little difficult to know what to do with all this fire burning inside you. One minute you’re dying to jump in the sack, the next you just really don’t give a damn.

That’s not to say things might come to a screeching halt halfway through a passionate tryst, but definitely gage your desires today carefully and make sure every urge is coming from the right place and that you’re expressing it in the right way.

Aug 01, 2021 - This is going to be a very busy day for you, Gemini, but whether or not it has any sensual aspects will be up to you and your desires. The primal Sun is a couple weeks into his annual tour of Leo and your buzzy 3rd House of local communities and communication, tuning you in to all the happenings in your local haunts.

Today he’ll align at the exact same degree as messenger Mercury, amping up the social vibrations all the way to the max. This could be a terrific time for getting out and meeting new people, but since this sector of your chart is more concerned with platonic relationships it’s a bit difficult to say where all these conversations will lead.

With Venus and Mars moving through Virgo and your emotional 4th House of home and family, romance simply may not be in the cards.

Aug 02, 2021 - What do you want, Gemini? Oh, you’re not sure? You think you know but it keeps changing?

Okay, try and just take a step back and calm down because there is too much going on today for you to figure things out and go dashing off into someone else’s arms just because you’re not feeling your best. This is a very emotional day for you according to the stars above, and out of all the signs you’re one of the least well-equipped to handle such a trying and emotional transit.

You’ll probably want to be alone for most of the day rather than spend it moping around with anyone hanging on your every sad word, but know that this mood will lift as the day moves on and that come evening you have a much better chance of not only knowing what you want, but getting it too.

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