gemini Health Horoscope:

Jul 05, 2022 - You feel like helping others today, as your compassion and empathy are increased. Your desire to help your fellow man makes this an excellent day for any volunteer work. Physical work that benefits others will not only help you release negative energy, but it will also bring positive energy into your sphere and allow you to share it with others. 

Amethyst provides emotional stability, which allows you to experience empathy without taking on the emotions of those around you. Carry a piece of amethyst for increased psychic protection. 

It’s important to get plenty of vitamins and minerals, which give your body the energy it needs. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains today.

Jul 06, 2022 - This is the time to find the best, most engaging ways for you to express yourself to others, Gemini. While you may feel like holding your tongue, sharing your emotions will build better connections between yourself and those around you. Physical exercise helps you release negativity and tension today. 

Clear calcite will cleanse your energy and amplify any good feelings you have today. Place a piece of clear calcite on your altar, close your eyes, and imagine the healing energy washing over your body.

Sunflower seeds are easy to carry with you and they contain protein that will give you energy today, Gemini. Keep a pack of sunflower seeds for a tasty snack when you need an energizing boost.

Jul 07, 2022 - There is an abundance of Air energy today, Gemini, increasing your ability to think of new ideas and find creative solutions to problems. If you’re not careful, however, you may get stuck in your head. Try engaging with your physical body to bring balance to the body and the mind. 

Amazonite is a stone that connects to your communicative center today, helping information flow naturally through your mind. Hold amazonite in your left hand and meditate on its healing properties. 

Kale is a superfood that tastes delicious raw, cooked, or baked with spices. Add a side of crunchy kale chips with garlic and nutritional yeast to your lunch for energy and nutrition today, Gemini.

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