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Nov 28, 2021 - This is going to be a really lovely day for you, and while each and every sign will be benefiting from the energy overhead in one way or another, I think you’re going to be enjoying it even more than most, so don’t be afraid to kick up your heels and go frolic under the big blue sky because the stars have little else in mind for you.

The primal Sun is in Sagittarius and your passionate 5th House of fun and romance, and today he’ll sync up at the same degree as messenger Mercury, adding a special dose of spritely energy to the day.

This sector is all about enjoying yourself and taking in the pleasures of life, so don’t hold back when it comes to going after whatever or whomever you want. This could be a day for the books, so make it count, alright?

Nov 29, 2021 - This could be one of the most pleasant and pleasurable days you’ve had in some time, so do your best not to waste this energy because chances like this only come around every so often.

The Moon is moving through your 3rd House of local communities and friendships, meaning you’re in a buzzy mood regardless and probably more than ready to start pounding the pavement with your friends first thing. This mood turns very romantic, however, thanks to a harmonious beam between the Moon and the Sun in your 5th House of romance and passion, so it looks like there’s every chance in the world today will turn out to be one for the books.

Even if you start out the day in a group formation it looks like you could easily pair off with someone special, so don’t discount today just because it starts out with half a dozen at brunch; it can easily end with just two of you.

Nov 30, 2021 - Venus recently began an extended tour of your analytical 6th House of health, wellness, and routine. This cycle is more about Athleisure than Agent Provocateur, so if you’re not feeling like the minx you know you can be, well, don’t worry, it’s for a reason. This transit encourages you to treat your body like a temple after the hedonism of the 5th House, and that can include a lowered libido.

Today, however, the Moon in your expressive 3rd House of communications sends out a strong beam to Venus, reminding you to not hide your light under a bushel. You’re one of the brightest stars of the zodiac, and don’t let anyone forget it. Turn date night into an exhilarating experience, something physical you’ve never tried before.

When you get the heart racing you’ll be rocketed out of the staid 6th House vibrations and into a passionate stratosphere that reminds you who you really are.

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