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Oct 17, 2021 - It could be a little difficult to get a proper read on your deepest desires today, Leo, but instead of trying to ascertain every possible line in the sand why not lean into the blurry vibrations of the day?

The intuitive Moon is moving through Pisces and 8th House of sex and intimacy, and while she’s there she’ll align at the exact same degree with dreamy Neptune in this same sector of your chart. Neptune wants to enjoy himself wherever he goes, which can sometimes be for the best, but sometimes it can also create a little confusion.

With Mercury still retrograde, you could invite over an old “acquaintance” and see if you can’t indulge in some fantastical exploration together, but you could also try your hand at something new now that the skies are opened up. You might find a whole new slew of desires you never even knew you had.

Oct 18, 2021 - You’ve been very, very busy lately, Leo, but busy doesn’t equal fun and it certainly doesn’t equal sexy. Today things might start to be a little less hectic, however, thanks to the fact that messenger Mercury is turning direct after spending the last three weeks hitting the snooze button in your 3rd House of communications and friendship.

Since Mercury naturally rules the 3rd House the elements were especially off, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it’s felt all but impossible to get a read on people, be they professional or romantic relationships, over the last few weeks. Happily you can look forward to things making sense again and Mercury resumes his correct course and powers forward; the green light is finally on, so don’t be scared to hit the gas.

People will be more willing to open up to you than before, so don’t be afraid to put on the charm offensive.

Oct 19, 2021 - Look at you go, Leo! No one can dim your flame on a day like this. The intuitive Moon and romantic Venus are coming together in a harmonious trine across the most pleasure-loving parts of your charts to deliver you a day brimming with romantic possibilities.

Venus is spending the next few weeks in your 5th House of passion and sex before moving on to Capricorn, so you’ve got the cosmic green light to put your desires front and center. The Moon will be reaching out from your adventurous 9th House of foreign cultures and broadening horizons, so it will be impossible to hide away on a day like this.

Singles will have more luck than usual finding a bedroom buddy, while couples can count on a very pleasurable encounter with their partner.

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