Leo Sex Horoscope Leo

Aug 08, 2020 - Ever since the primal Sun entered your sign a few weeks ago it’s been all but impossible for the rest of the signs to notice your newfound firepower. If, however, YOU are still having a bit of trouble feeling this new phase as acutely as you might like fear not because I have good news!

For one thing it can sometimes take a few days for us to feel the positivity and impact of a solar transition like this, so if you’re still shaking off the vibe of Scorpio season, don’t worry, it’ll be over soon enough. Today, however, your mojo will get an extra boost from the Moon, currently moving through fellow Fire sign Aries and your adventurous 9th House of foreign cultures and expanding horizons.

Under such an alignment let the wind take you wherever it may, and if the world beckons then call up someone special and see if they want to join you for a bit of whirlwind romance. Chances are they will.

Leo Sex Horoscope Leo

Aug 09, 2020 - Life has been pretty intense lately and while you can handle intensity just fine for the most part it’s also nice to be able to kick your shoes off and go dance around in the sun.

Well, I’m happy to tell you the universe had heard your plea and, personally, has had quite enough of all these dark doldrums and mind games. It’s time to throw the window open and let the wind carry you out into the world, Leo, and see where it takes you.

Chances are you’ll wind up in some fabulous place you never even knew about, and right now the ‘new’ things and ‘new’ people in your life will promise you far more pleasure and satisfaction than anything tried-and-true. Get out there and discover what’s waiting for you beyond the horizon; from the look of things I’d say it’s going to be better than any pot of gold.

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