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January 14 - January 20

Jan 14, 2019 - It's going to be a very interesting and exciting week indeed, Leo. A Full Moon eclipse event occurs in your sign early next week, so this week you are preparing for intense change. There's no reason not to use this energy in your sex life! So this week is a fun period of endings and beginnings, and by the week's end, you are going to be feeling inspired and on fire to launch some exciting new chapters.

On Friday, some fun love play comes your way when lovers Venus and Mars begin working your house of pleasures. Feeling this play vibe works your pleasure zones, and also improves an existing commitment. By Sunday, the Sun enters Aquarius and your house of true love where it will be for several weeks. This is the Sun shining on everything you need to know to succeed in love. Don't dismiss these things!

Everything you communicate turns to gold. Follow the fantasies under a Venus and Neptune square in your pleasure house on the same day. It's all about just enjoying yourself with the right person this week, Leo, and this launches a very exciting and sexy time for you. Have a very saucy week, Leo!

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