Leo Sex Horoscope Leo

Jan 28, 2020 - It could be a little difficult to get a proper read on your deepest desires today, Leo, but instead of trying to ascertain every possible line in the sand why not lean into the blurry vibrations of the day? The intuitive Moon is moving through Pisces and 8th House of sex and intimacy, and while she’s there she’ll align at the exact same degree with dreamy Neptune in this same sector of your chart.

Neptune wants to enjoy himself wherever he goes, which can sometimes be for the best, but sometimes it can also create a little confusion. With Mercury in your social 11th House you could invite over an old “acquaintance” and see if you can’t indulge in some fantastical exploration together, but you could also try your hand at something new now that the skies are opened up.

You might find a whole new slew of desires you never even knew you had.

Leo Sex Horoscope Leo

Jan 29, 2020 - You’re easily one of the most intellectual and articulate signs of the zodiac by nature, and while that’s all well and good sometimes your brain takes center stage for so long you forget about other aspects of you life, certain more physical aspects, and today would certainly be one of those days due to a strong vibration overhead that might leave you thinking yourself in circles.

The Moon is in Aries and your high-minded 9th House of foreign cultures and boundless horizons, encouraging you to think as far afield as possible, but today la Luna will receive a quick yet harsh checking vibe from wounded warrior Chiron, recently arrived in this same sector of your chart. Just when you were ready to fly off into the great blue yonder someone pulls you back down to earth.

Don’t worry, this depressing transit will only last the morning so come nighttime try to slip off somewhere new with someone special.

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