Leo Health Horoscope Leo

Aug 05, 2020 - Mercury, the planet of communication, is moving into your sign today, Leo. This influence encourages you to be more expressive, urging you to articulate your thoughts and ideas with others. Morning meditation will clear your mind, helping you focus on what you want to say today.

Septarian is a stone that enhances communicative abilities, making it easier to share your thoughts and ideas. Keep a piece of septarian in your left pocket and hold onto it anytime you need to speak your mind.

For a filling and energizing afternoon snack, cut an avocado in half and slice it. Sprinkle the avocado with cayenne pepper, salt, and garlic powder for a spicy kick that provides healthy fats and protein, Leo.

Leo Health Horoscope Leo

Aug 06, 2020 - Your imagination is illuminated today, Leo, and you may receive inspiring visions or ideas. Try clearing your mind of negativity to connect to your muse today. Meditation and yoga will synchronize the body and the mind, and these activities will promote the mental clarity you need to connect to your intuition.

Fluorite is a stone that promotes mental focus and increases intuition. Hold a piece of fluorite to your forehead, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and imagine the cleansing energy washing over your mind.

Sunflower seeds are easy to carry with you and they contain protein that will give you energy today, Leo. Keep a pack of sunflower seeds for a tasty snack when you need an energizing boost.

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