Leo Leo Health Horoscope

January 21 - January 27

Jan 21, 2019 - You don't have many transits working your health houses this week, Leo, but you do have a lot of powerful energy working in your favor this week. You want to be in optimum health in order to use this energy towards your success. Having powerful energy and not feeling great is not going to help you to be successful at all. You also have a lot going on in the love department right now, and into the coming weeks. So of course you want to be in tiptop shape, as the last thing you want to be telling your sweetie pie is that you have a headache and can't play in your normal lovable Leo way. So this is a wonderful week to gear up towards your health and make the changes that you need to make to be the best Leo that you can be. This is a game changer week for you, Leo!

Early in the week you have some powerful energy to help you to create some intense transformations in your life. This is the time of the week to really cut out what is no longer working your highest self and your highest health. This is also a time when you want to pay very close attention to your mind/soul/body connections. When your mental health is in good shape, you are going to be the fiery Leo that we know and love.

On Monday, when that Full Moon and lunar eclipse occurs in your sign, you'll be ready for the change that Universe is sending your way. You want to embrace this change with love and authenticity, and with the healthiest state of mind and physical body. When your mind and spirit is feeling healthy, Leo, the energy flows to the areas of your physical body that might be needing some extra help right now. Keep that mind and soul connection clear and present under the changes that will be coming this week under the Full Moon.

By the midpoint of the week, communicator Mercury joins other planets in the sign of Aquarius, and all of these planets are working your seventh house of love. You are in the midst of some wonderful love potential right now, Leo!

Along with a game changing Full Moon eclipse in your sign, this is a very powerful week. It's time to really take care of you, and put you first. When you do, you will have all of the health potential that you need to focus your energy in the directions of someone very special. To your health this week, Leo!

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