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Jan 18, 2022 - The Moon is in your sign today, amplifying your confidence and your motivated spirit, Leo. This is a great day to work toward your goals and take care of yourself physically. Exercise will help you feel more energized and balance today.

Bloodstone connects to the Root chakra and provides an anchoring energy that helps you focus on the moment. Hold a piece of bloodstone in your left hand while meditation to bring relaxation and harmony to your spirit.

Spinach is a superfood with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Make yourself a spinach salad with blue cheese dressing, bacon, and avocado for a rich, nutritious lunch, Leo.

Jan 19, 2022 - Ego struggles and conflicts are possible today, Leo, especially if you have aggressive energy within the body. Physical exercise is the best way to release heated feelings. Try starting the day with kickboxing or a light jog to help you clear your mind and raise your vibrations.

Apophyllite is a stone that connects the body, mind, and spirit, bringing balance and harmony to your aura. Keep a piece of apophyllite in your left hand while meditating to encourage more healing.

Brown rice is filling, and it contains fiber, vitamin B1, and magnesium. Try adding a side of brown rice to a delicious chicken dish for a healthy meal that will leave you feeling satisfied, Leo.

Jan 20, 2022 - Your relationships may take on a competitive tone today, Leo, especially if they already possess tension. Be gentle with yourself and others and try to remember that we all make mistakes. Balancing the chakras will help you find the compassion you need today.

Lapis lazuli is a crystal that promote awareness, allowing you to recognize negative behavior patterns. Carry a piece of lapis lazuli with you for a deeper connection to your subconscious today.

Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable known for its nutritious, versatile nature. Roasted cauliflower with hot sauce and blue cheese crumbles make a delicious, meatless alternative to hot wings, Leo.

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