Leo Health Horoscope Leo

Jun 19, 2019 - Today may be particularly beneficial in terms of energy, Leo. Yours is a sign that is highly energetic at the best of times and you have an acute awareness of how much you are able to endure due to your sense of resilience.

If you find yourself burning out at all, be sure to take moments of quiet and solitude in order to recharge your batteries. Energetic you may be, but even you need to ensure you are adequately recharged to be at your best.

Legumes and quinoa are particularly beneficial for you today and it would benefit you to get two or three portions of them.

Leo Health Horoscope Leo

Jun 20, 2019 - Be sure to adapt to temperature adequately today, Leo, as you may be sensitive to all forms of weather today. Ensure to stay cool when hot and warm when cold, as a deviance from this could lead to unwanted colds and flus!

It is good for you to take time to stretch and move around as yours is a sign that can gain weight fast when immobile for too long. If you stay stationary for two hours, be sure to take a walk around or spend five minutes stretching.

Spinach, brocolli and kale are all highly recommended today and can help give you the energy and nutrients you need!

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