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For the Week of: October 26 - November 01

Oct 26, 2020 - Things have probably felt rather heavy lately, Leo. With messenger Mercury backtracking in retrograde formation through Scorpio and your foundational 4th House it wouldn’t be one bit surprising if you’ve been on something of an emotional rollercoaster. This transit can be pretty exhausting and put a real damper on your love life, but I’m happy to tell you there is a major shift in energy come the 27th as Mercury backs up into Libra and your buzzy 3rd House for the remainder of this snooze fest. While the retrograde motion is still making things a bit dicey, life should feel lighter and you should have more fun going out and about and meeting people, so whether you’re in a couple or single be sure to get out and about because you’ll enjoy yourself far more than you’ve had the chance as of late. Be it date night or just winging it in search of someone new, there’s sure to be fresh offerings right around the corner.

On this very same day romantic Venus moves on from Virgo and your 2nd House of earned income and material goods and slips into expressive Libra, where she’ll be operating for the next three weeks alongside the cosmic communicator. During this heart-warming transit you can express yourself without reserve, and in turn people will be more willing to open up after the mercurial last few months. You can finally get on the same page as someone, Leo, so don’t be scared to start with a blank one.

On the 31st the skies will glow with the Full Moon in Taurus, putting the spotlight on your 10th House of career goals and long-term ambitions. Look back six months to the projects you began in the spring; what is ready to be harvested? If you’ve been putting in the work then chances are good you’ll have a lot to show for your effort, but if you’ve been slacking off and done the bare minimum then that will come into the glaring spotlight, too. Thanks to the fact that rebellious Uranus will be forming an exceptionally powerful conjunction to this lunation you can count on a few curveballs coming your way, but if anyone can handle them with a bit of flair it would be you, Leo.

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