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For the Week of: July 26 - August 01

Jul 26, 2021 - Your engines continue to rev this week and you’re all but blasting off from the starting line before Monday even dawns. On the 27th it’s time to put on your thinking cap and start brainstorming. Mercury has spent the last couple of weeks spinning through your sleepy 12th House of the subconscious and while he’s been treading this territory it’s been more than a little difficult to find a way to properly formulate your ideas. Whenever any planet happens to be moving through the 12th House it can be rather difficult to get a hold of their powers. Now, however, you can finally start to think clearly as the messenger planet zooms into Leo and your 1st House of self-expression and action for the next few weeks. During this time, you’ll be a lightning rod for all the gold nuggets of information circulating out in the Universe; likewise, if you’ve been chipping away at a project behind the scenes your big debut could be right on the horizon.

Now then, you’ve been careening at top speed ever since Mars entered your sign earlier this year, and what a ride it has been as you were filled with energy to go after whatever your heart might desire. That being said, you won’t have a ton of time to focus on the more frivolous aspects of life as the Universe wants you to direct your attention towards more important matters with more concrete and long-term potential. Action planet Mars has spent the last eight weeks rotating through your 1st House; this transit is normally all about getting out into the world and doing some exploring, but with the world being in the current condition it is you probably felt a little stifled in your urge to move beyond boundaries. Come the 29th, however, you get to shift gears as Mars moves into Virgo and your grounded 2nd House of earned income and material assets for the next two months. This time only comes around once every two years, so there is an open highway ahead of you to make some major progress with regards to your place in the world. If you’ve been hoping to make a name for yourself or get your work recognized by someone high up, this is your chance. Don’t waste it!

Things end with a bang on over the weekend as the primal Sun in your sign links up in the sky as the exact same degree as messenger Mercury. When these two planets come together like this (which they do about half a dozen times a year) it always creates an exciting jolt, but the thing is you don’t always get them aligned in your specific sign, and can in fact go years without experiencing this exact transit, so don’t waste it while you’ve got it! Since Mercury is all about getting your ideas across, make sure you take this opportunity to put you and your thoughts first, so long as you don’t barrel anyone over in your process. If you’ve been waiting to make a major presentation or big reveal this would be the perfect time to do it, and you can be more than certain that the world will support you in your endeavors, so do not hold back.

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