Leo Daily Horoscope:

Sep 20, 2021 - Just how much of yourself are you willing to give away, Leo? Generally, not much, from the look of things, but keep in mind that you can only find true equality and connection with someone if you are both willing to give of yourselves to one another. If you keep walls up, or never give any ounce of anything to anyone, then what is the point of living life? You’re certainly not going to get very far with that sort of attitude.

Right now the skies are illuminated with a brilliant Full Moon in Pisces which just so happens to be happening in your intense 8thHouse of soul-bonding, intimacy, and shared resources. This is hardly a light-hearted zone, Leo, but it can be a very pleasurable one, so look out for some “deep” experiences to come your way. Chances are you’ll enjoy them thoroughly so don’t have any fears.

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