Venus in Capricorn Love Horoscopes - Attracting Commitment that Lasts by the Zodiac Sign

Posted on January 27, 2019

As we prepare to roll into the second month of 2019 (phew, already?!), we begin to start getting serious about our 2019 goals, wishes, and dreams. January is a month of recovering from the holidays and slugging through the Winter blahs. But February picks up in energy because we have the love holiday of Valentine’s Day to get excited about. And the Universe is also happy to share the wealth when it comes to love this time of year.

We have a lot of Pisces action beginning to pick up, and with Pisces being the Mutable sign of the Water signs. But we also have Venus getting her say in, and this time of year Venus is going to be in the Cardinal sign of the Earth signs, Capricorn, from February 3 to March 1. That means love feels oh soooo real.

Today, we are going to offer up some love horoscopes for each zodiac sign while lover Venus is in Earthy Capricorn. February is a month for commitment! Woohoo! So let’s get to it!

What is Venus in Capricorn?

Venus in Capricorn can sound boring to some, but the truth is that this is an exciting transit for lovers looking to go to the next level. Here we have the love and beauty planet, sensual Venus, entering the grounded and leadership-driven Earth sign, Capricorn. Earth signs are known for being sensual as well as practical. They like to lead with their senses, get their hands in the dirt of Mother Earth, and feel their way through life. Even if they don’t show their emotions all of the time.

Venus in Capricorn is a fascinating transit. Here we have sensuality meeting responsible commitment. And you know that’s good news for love!

To give you an idea of how this match works in love, look at famous celebrities with Venus in Capricorn in their natal charts, and then check out their relationship status and history. We have Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie of Monaco with Venus in Capricorn. Prince Andrew of the Royal Family does as well, and so did John F. Kennedy Jr. Use this energy to find your own true love this time of year.

But now you want us to hit those Venus in Capricorn horoscopes. Here’s your love forecast for the next month, friends!

Aries – Status is Everything

With Venus in Capricorn working your tenth house of public image and reputation over the next few weeks, Aries, you have to know that status is everything. All eyes are on you as you make your relationship count right now. This could be a relationship with someone of status, power, or fame, or your own relationship issues could take the spotlight. It’s important to stay in the path of karma in order for you attract the relationship opportunities you are looking for. Take the lead in your relationship matters but also remember to consider all perspectives. When you lead as the bigger person, you win. That doesn’t mean self-sacrifice, and if you already know that you are already winning. But if you are sacrificing a bigger part of yourself, you are already winning in your own special way as well. Sometimes letting the other person win means you win major karma points. Remember that.

Taurus – When Philosophy and Sensuality Get Married

You have Venus in Capricorn in your ninth house of spirituality, Taurus, and this is the energy you need to follow if you want to see more committed love begin to percolate through February. Your ninth house is also your house of big-picture visions, and also favours travel! Journeying with a partner or even on your own could lead to meeting someone special. Travel where you and your partner learn more about the world, and each other, will deepen committed bonds or lead you into starting a commitment. This is happening in a fellow Earth sign, so know that when you work with your big picture spirituality with your partner, sensuality just…happens. It’s like having your biggest life romantic questions answered by a soul mate. Can’t ask for better love answers than that, Taurus!

Gemini – Secrets Change Everything

Venus in Capricorn is working your eighth house of secrets and taboo, Gemini, and this means you are going to see some long-term changes come out of secrets. It may be time to come clean with a partner, or it may be time to simply undergo a personal rebirth and transformation, hoping to see love commitment grow. It’s time to be honest with yourself first, and you will see a lovely karmic chain of reactions follow, if you are truly honest. Sharing with a partner means a lot right now as well, and when you share with authenticity, you deepen existing bonds. February is a month of commitment. Are you ready? Secrets change everything so be careful here. Get to them before they get to you.

Cancer – Relationship Gets Real

You will be one of the most excited signs during Venus in Capricorn, Cancer, because this transit is happening in your seventh house of partnerships. This is your house of long-term love, so you have commitment energy on top of commitment energy. When you follow the love vibes and intuitions you are getting right now and through February, then you are going to see love bonds deepen, whether you are single or attached. If you are single, this is the month where you may meet the soul mate of your dreams. If you are attached, this could be the month you two take things to a new level. Which will it be? You’ll see, and you’ll be happy this whole month long.

Leo – It’s the Little Things

Whether you are single or attached, Leo, it’s the little things that will help you win in love this month, Leo. Venus in Capricorn is working your sixth house of details, and so the little things are everything right now. It could mean doing the littlest thing for your partner or tending to little details that help make you more attractive to others if you are single. You are good for the bold gestures, Leo, but go easy on those this month. Just doing the dishes or saying those cute little things you are so good at will work on a partner this month, any partner. Ask about them, or just pour on the flattery as you are so skilled with. These little things will be appreciated in very big ways!! You’ll see, wink wink.

Virgo – Pleasure Zones

You’ve got a very exciting romantic period ahead with Venus in Capricorn, Virgo, as this transit is blessing your fun zones. This transit is working your fifth house of pleasures and entertainment, and this means love for you is going to be all about romance and flowers, chocolate and true love, and those things in life and love that just fill your heart. This is true whether you are single or attached! Do the things that you love to do the most if you are single, and you send out the vibes to attract someone special. Don’t be surprised if you are beating off the suitors as you are going to be especially attractive this time of year. But you’ll know exactly who to stick with by the end of it all, you lucky thing! The key, Virgo is to just have fun. Fun, sweetie. Don’t overthink this.

Libra – Home is Where the Heart Is

Love for you over the next few weeks is going to all pair down to the home roots, Libra. Venus in Capricorn is working your fourth house of roots and foundations, and you are going to be attracting wonderful things when it comes to your home life and your love life. Family is where it is at for you, and this means that it will come into your love life in some way over the next little while. You could be bringing someone home to meet the family for the first time, adding someone to the family, or just blending love and family in beautiful ways. At the same time, you could be relocating, selling a home together, buying one together, or moving in with someone! When you do this with the bigger picture in mind, your love matters get committed in very real ways. And you like it a lot! You’re playing the long game now, Libra.

Scorpio – Reach Out & Touch Someone

Venus in Capricorn is working your third house of communication, Scorpio, and this is going to tickle your pleasure zones when it comes to love. Expect a lot of loving texts, emails, FaceTimes, Skype conversations, or just messages going back and forth between you and someone special. If you need a reboot in love, or want to up the ante on commitment, use your words, Scorpio. Communication is where it is at right now in love, regardless of your relationship status. Talking and using feelings words is recommended for you in love, Scorpio. If commitment is an issue for you in love right now, even if you have someone special, start the conversation. You’re going to love where it goes!

Sagittarius – Self Confidence Gets You Everywhere

Venus in Capricorn is working your second house of gifts and talents, Sagittarius, and this is the inner part of your soul that you feel best about. This is also the part of your soul that you need to show when you want to win in love this year, Sagittarius. Show off that inner confidence and self-esteem, and this makes you very attractive and appealing to potential partners. This is true whether you are single or attached. Just be you, Sagittarius. Let down some of those walls that you have, and show off something special about you. If you have a partner, share a soul-filled gift with them, and watch some sparks fly. If you are single, then do so with the world and Venus is going to send you some amazing romantic opportunities, that will be the real deal under this Capricorn zone. Self-confidence gets you everywhere!

Capricorn – Take the Lead

You have Venus in Capricorn in your first house of self, Capricorn, and this will make you the star of the show when it comes to love right now. It’s your time to shine, whether you are single or attached. Take the lead in all romantic matters, make those big bold moves, and this is regardless of your relationship status. Ask someone out if you are single, or if you are attached, make a gesture that takes things to a new level. What do you really want in love right now, Capricorn? Answer that question, then do what you want to do to get there. You do this in work all the time. Why not do that in love? Just instead of applying money success to the matter, use feelings words. When you do that, you will see some very attractive sparks fly.

Aquarius – Spirituality is Attractive

With Venus in Capricorn in your twelfth house of spirituality, Aquarius, that means that you have a very emotional road ahead when it comes to love. But it also means that you have a special connection to your twelfth house guardian angel and a special connection to the Other World under this transit. You have the added advantage over other signs in romance right now because you have a little extra information - if you are paying attention. Need answers in love? Regardless of your relationship status, you can get them now if you are paying attention. Look for signs, ask for signs, and look for special messages on what to do next to dial up your commitment. “Asking” comes in the form of praying, meditation, or even just wishing. So ask for what you want when it comes to commitment in love right now, Aquarius. You’ll get messages on how to get it. Pay attention!

Pisces – Friend Zones Can Be Romantic

You have Venus in Capricorn in your eleventh house of groups and friendships, Pisces, and that means this will be a lively social time for you! This is not the time to say no to social invitations, and don’t be afraid to extend a few of your own. Not that you ever are. Throwing parties or dinner events will be a great way to amp up the romance factor, whether you are single or attached. But so will just putting yourself out there, especially if you are single. This is a hot time for office romance, but it’s also a good time for a friendship to turn into something more, if that is what you want. Handle friendships with care, especially if one wants romance and you don’t. When you do, you find it has a wonderful trickle effect in your love life. Venus wants to attract exactly what you want in love, Pisces. Follow the friends or put yourself out there and see where that takes you!

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