Your Venus in Capricorn Checklist

Posted on December 27, 2017
Updated on March 10, 2021

When it comes to astrological transits that are in play to fulfill wishes, manifest dreams, attract opportunities, and turn desires into reality, we are going through one right now. Consider this your Christmas miracle from the universe. This is the magic of Venus in Capricorn, arriving on Christmas Day, December 25.

The magic may not happen this day, but you’ve got four wonderful weeks to play with this gift. Today we are talking about how to capitalize on this magic, in both love and work. Here’s how to jump start 2018 and use the holiday gift of Venus in Capricorn to your fullest advantage.

What is Venus in Capricorn?

Venus is the love and money planet who’s as attractive and sizzling as she is stabilizing and luxurious. Venus loves her money and beautiful things, and she will do *almost* whatever it takes to get it. When Venus is in your corner, she’s trying to make sure you get those things too!

Capricorn is the stable and secure one of the zodiac signs. Ever the cardinal sign of the earth signs, Capricorn is your favorite CEO, police office, lawyer, investor, or the like. When you think of the structure and rules and safety nets those professions enjoy and provide, those are the themes that Capricorn manifests.

Venus in Capricorn is the planet of attraction attracting the highest levels of success for you. In love, or money! There is no better holiday gift than that. This transit is the literal translation of “thoughts become things” as stipulated by the Law of Attraction. What a wonderful transit to launch on Christmas Day, as you will get no better transit to launch your road map to success in 2018.

Are you excited yet? Now you want to know exactly how to do this in your own life, am I right? Well let’s make that list, you can check it twice, Venus is ready to reward those who are naughty AND nice! That’s just how she rolls.

Your Venus in Capricorn Success Checklist for 2018

It sounds exciting to be involved in a transit from astrology that manifests your deepest desires, but you can find yourself in some hot water if you wish for the wrong thing. Venus doesn’t “do” toxic relationships or self-serving work matters. Yes, she can be a little naughty, but she’s never on the dark side.

You want to stay in the light of Venus to attract those wonderful things you are hoping for. Trying to get something the sneaky or short way just isn’t going to work. Hoping for a big promotion? Make sure you know your commitments before you sacrifice your quality of life.

Longing for the next commitment in love? Make sure it′s the right person before you side track your life with love that isn′t good for you. Are you worried about making the wrong wish or making the wrong choice? Capricorn won′t let you do that, so long as you keep it real and get it done. Here′s how!

• You will get to be the boss in love for a change! Want more in your current relationship? Want out of your current relationship? Want more FROM your current partner? Ask for it the way you would ask for respect in work, like cardinal sign Capricorn, and it will happen. You′re in the driver′s seat!

Boundaries with key partnerships will be stretched, bent, and pushed to their limits. The best way to get what you want from partners, in business or in love, is to not act so desperate. Engage with partners with an air of openness, availability, and transparency, but without an air of desperation. Now THAT′S sexy! Single white female equals “NOT sexy.”

Relationships will be more serious now, whether you want that or not. Earth signs don’t mess around - they play for keeps. If you are the kind that prefers things casual, this will be an uncomfortable time for you. Just ride it out. Cherish the people in your life and respect them, or you will lose them to someone who takes them more seriously.

• Women going through this transit become more serious in love and business than ever before. The men around her will wonder what happened to her that made her so….bossy and confident, even a bit of an ice queen when it comes to playing by her rules. In any other transit this will turn men off. In this one? It is sexy sexy sexy.

Don′t be afraid to go after what you want, girls, this transit is all yours. Own it, and if he doesn’t rise to your standards, well then, Venus will find you someone who can.

Become authentic and vulnerable. Have you been waiting for that time either in work or in love where you can let your guard down a little bit? This is the time. Open up that heart and just be real. It is time to ask for what you want, and be realistic about it. You will find this both uplifting and grounding at the same time.

This is a powerful chemistry to inject into any partnership, and with stable and secure Capricorn in play, this chemistry injects magic that is committed, and secure.

• Expect commitments to come out of the blue, whether you want them to or not! This will be especially true for those that have been laying down the groundwork for something real to manifest in their lives. Waiting for the next big step in love or work? Someone will approach you on this out of the blue! Remember, Venus is attractive, and attracts.

This is a very powerful period of the Law of Attraction for you. Use it!

• Put your best face forward every day because Venus in Capricorn is very polished, very serious, and…simply stunning. This is a simple and understated style that packs a big punch. You will be able to turn heads by putting just a few extra minutes into your grooming routine every morning, and accomplish more goals as well!

Adding lip gloss or a new tie to work one day could lead to a career-making moment. Don’t believe it? Try it, then try the yoga pants and sneakers look, then report back. Let us know how you were treated by other humans in life, strangers that you don’t know, when you put your best self forward, versus your yoga pants self.

Hey, I’m not knocking yoga pants. Love ‘em, but not many people win Academy Awards wearing them, get my drift? When it’s time to get down to business, Venus gets her bling on and so should you in your own special way.

• This is not a period about quickly making the first move. This is because Venus in Capricorn will not make bold moves until she knows for sure she will be successful. Patience will be your Venus virtue during this aspect. Capricorn is calculated and strategic. You’ll know when to make that boss move, whether that is in work or love.

• Boundaries and self control will be highlighted. Think about how you perform in business and work. You are professional, serious, and take your responsibilities seriously most of the time, right? That′s because that is the mentality that will reap rewards in work. The same mindset applies to love when Venus is in Capricorn.

Serious, responsible, self controlled, all of these professional mindsets will reap the miracles hiding behind your innermost desires.

Sensuality versus sexuality, tactile passions rather than social passions, demonstrating romantic actions versus verbally expressive experiences are all ways to manifest the power of Venus in Capricorn.

Concluding thoughts…

There you have it friends! Know of course that this list is not all encompassing, there is so much more to this exciting transit in astrology than meets the eye. You can use this list to help you navigate your daily life in both love and work.

Stay tuned here and with our daily horoscopes and weekly horoscopes to find out more about Venus in Capricorn through the zodiac signs and how to make wishes come true in your own life! Until then, tell us more about what wishes YOU want to come true during this period, and I will tell you how to do it! How can we help?

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