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Jan 27, 2022 - There is some beautiful energy in the skies overhead today, and it’s expansive and boundless enough that anything could happen so remember that as you move through the world today. Literally, anything could happen. The intuitive Moon is moving through your 9th House of adventure and foreign cultures, and while she’s there she’ll be reaching out across the heavens to the Sun in your 11th House of social groups and global communications.

As you can see from the look of the land today’s energy is more platonic than sensual, but that’s not to say sex is off the table altogether. What starts out as a group hang could wind up with you and a certain someone pairing off from the group, so don’t discount anything right now because it looks like people will surprise you, and you’re not normally one to be easily surprised.

Jan 28, 2022 - The further you go the more pleasure you’ll find, Aries, at least under today’s stars, that is. The intuitive Moon is spending the day roving through boundless Sagittarius and your 9th House of foreign cultures and exotic experiences.

Few signs know how to follow their heart quite like you do–well, is that your heart or some other body part entirely? Either way, if you want to find satisfaction on a day like this then the best bet is to try and find something new, something different, because it’s all but a promise that the tried and true methods won’t be stoking your fires as per usual.

That isn’t to say you’ve ever been one to follow the tried-and-true, but right now the more unusual the experiences the more pleasurable they will be, so get ready to do some serious exploration.

Jan 29, 2022 - It looks as though you’re headed places today, but it appears you’ll be heading towards the boardroom rather than anywhere steamy or alluring.

The Moon is gliding through Capricorn and your 10th House of career goals and ambition, which is certainly not a quiet transit, and you’re going to have a lot to deal with, most of which will probably be taking your focus away from sex and orienting it towards more mundane matters. This is amplified by the fact that the Moon will conjunct action planet Mars throughout the day, turning up the vibrations tenfold.

You are welcome to try and put your passions front and center, but they likely won’t be of much use to you until after you clock out.

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