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Oct 01, 2022 - Communication is key today when it comes to getting what you want, Aries, so remember that as you go out into the world and attempt to pursue your pleasures. Your ruler, Mars, the planet of sex and firepower, has spent the last month touring through Gemini and your buzzy 3rd House of community and communications, and under this transit it’s safe to say you’ve probably encountered more than a few new options for perking up your sex life.

Today, however, that transit gets an odd check from the Moon in Sagittarius and your worldly 9th House of exotic experiences and foreign concepts. This energy isn’t bad, per se, but it is extremely powerful so you need to keep an eye on how you direct your own energy throughout the course of the day. Use your words to your advantage and there is no reason you can’t come out the other side of this transit very satisfied.

Oct 02, 2022 - Okay, so this is technically a sex horoscope but today’s stars aren’t really about sex for you. That’s not to say you can’t have it, of course; please, be my guest. What I’m saying is the stars are pointing your focus elsewhere, namely to your work and health. Today messenger Mercury wakes up from a three-week retrograde cycle in your 6th House of health, wellness, and routine, during which time you might very well have fallen off the work out wagon and let your more productive habits fall to the wayside as well.

Now that he’s going to be regaining speed and turning his attention to the matters at hand you’ll have more energy to dedicate to various other matters in your life, and that could certainly mean more sensual matters. Do some stretches before you hop into bed with anyone though; after Mercury hitting the snooze button for so long in your health sector you could probably stand to warm up.

Oct 03, 2022 - If anyone loves to have their cake and eat it too, it would be you, Aries. There’s something so satisfying about being able to have whatever you want on your own terms, and of course there is–I don’t need to explain the pleasure principle to you, of all people.

That being said, you can’t always have said cake and still eat it because, really, eventually you have to make a choice whether you’re going to take a bite or let it continue to exist in its uncut, glazed perfection. If this metaphor seems a little heavy, well, today is heavy so tough. You’re going to have to make a decision today, and it might not be the most fun one you’ll ever have to make.

Are you going to pursue your pleasures or see to your responsibilities? There are people clamoring for your attention but they’re all asking for different things; who are you going to pay attention to?

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