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Jul 01, 2022 - You are going to be very, very busy for the next few weeks, Taurus, and while that can be great for business it can also be a little exhausting, especially when so many things are up in the air. As an Earth sign you don’t like things to be in a state of flux; you want hardcore facts and plans and anything less leaves you far from satisfied.

Unfortunately right now you’re just going to have to accept that things could change on a dime due to messenger Mercury backstroking through your buzzy 3rd House of local communities and communication in retrograde formation. This is easily one of the most outgoing sectors of your chart, and it deals with all those little meetings and appointments necessary for getting your job done, so with Mercury going to sleep here things could get, well, confusing.

Try to stay on top of your plans even when other people can’t, Taurus, but if you have trouble feeling on top of it for the next few weeks then don’t worry, you’re far from alone.

Jul 02, 2022 - A sense of inspiration is upon you, Taurus. This Moon is bringing out your creative side and you may have a few money ideas floating around so be sure to keep a pen and paper to hand.

At the same time, this Moon can send your thoughts into overdrive and leave you feeling a little stumped if you get bombarded with too many feelings, leaving you with the opposite effect of your intentions.

You're likely to start questioning everything and in a way, this is a good thing as it enables you to get a stronger grip on your finances. Just be sure to maintain a balance within through yoga and meditation and the answers will become clear to you, Taurus.

Jul 03, 2022 - Trusting yourself is essential, Taurus. How much do you truly trust yourself?

This Leo Moon brings out powerful feelings of motivation so you may hit upon some great ideas for extra money-making schemes at this time.

Don't let doubt or fear stand in your way. The more you focus on the positives while not allowing the negatives to get the better of you, the better you will feel overall.

Trusting yourself is important and believing in your own abilities is essential! Always remember this, Taurus.

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