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Feb 26, 2021 - Don’t try to push yourself in too many directions today, Taurus, because the more you push the more pressure you’re going to exert on… no one but you. Thanks to a tough angle between the Moon in Virgo and your 5thHouse of passion and pleasure-loving Venus in your 11th House of friend groups and global communities, you could be in high demand. This would be great if you weren’t focused on getting so much done.

Unfortunately, under today’s stars, pleasure is not going to be your number one priority, even if you want to put it at the top of your list. Accept what it is and turn your phone on silent; you’ll have more fun with a partner when you can focus your attention on them and not have to divide yourself between work and play.

You’ll get your just rewards eventually, Taurus; just hold off on gratification a little bit longer.

Feb 27, 2021 - How are you doing, Taurus? I’m not asking in a patronizing way; I’m genuinely curious. Chances are you’ve been more than a little busy lately and that you’ve found yourself exploring a lot of new places and meeting a lot of new people and just doing, well, a lot.

It’s important to take time to recharge your batteries after so much time with people, even if you do like spending time with them, because you pour out that much more energy than everyone else in the process.

Well, I’m happy to tell you that the Universe is about to bring you a truly wonderful surprise, one that will allow you to kick up your heels and enjoy all the pleasures of life that might have felt a little beyond your reach as of late. It’s time to revel in the things and the people who make you happy, so get to it.

Feb 28, 2021 - There’s a lot going on in the heavens today, Taurus, and while I know how much you like to enjoy yourself it looks like physical pleasure isn’t going to be taking top billing on today’s program.

The Moon spends the day Libra and your 6thHouse of wellness, which always signals a great time to get your life in order, but not to go have a quickie with you-know-who (but then again when were quickies ever a Taurus thing?). Regardless of whether or not you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, the morning might take a slothful hit due to a tense check from wounded warrior Chiron in your dreamy 12th House for a rather long stay.

While the Moon will only expose her sensitive side to this asteroid for a short while, don’t be surprised if you experience a few dreary hours when you’d rather nap then do anything mildly constructive. Sex is low on the list, but see what else you can manage to achieve once the afternoon rolls around.

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