virgo Health Horoscope:

Jan 27, 2022 - Your creativity is alive and flowing within you, Virgo, encouraging you to explore your favorite artistic outlets. This would be a great day to sit down with your notebooks, pens, sketchpads, paints, musical instruments, or any tool that helps you connect to your creative center.

Astrophyllite is a stone that fills your spirit with white light, lifting your vibrations and giving you a boost of energy. Hold a piece of astrophyllite in your left hand and breathe deeply any time you need a spark of light.

It is important that the body get enough potassium chloride, which is healthy for the blood, organs, and tissues of the body. Include green beans, tomatoes, and celery in your diet to get more of this mineral today, Virgo.

Jan 28, 2022 - This is a great day to enjoy yourself and have some fun, Virgo. Don’t lock yourself away and stress yourself out with thoughts of work and responsibility. We all need to kick back and relax from time to time. Allow yourself freedom to express yourself and enjoy your life today.

Green aventurine is a stone that promotes abundance and attracts new opportunities. Working with green aventurine will help fortune flow into your life today.

Kidney beans are filling, and they contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals that infuse the body with health. This is a great day for a bean salad or homemade chili with kidney beans, Virgo.

Jan 29, 2022 - There’s more Earth energy in the air today, increasing your motivation and encouraging a grounded spirit, Virgo. You may feel like focusing all of your energy on chores and hard work, however, it’s also important to make time for rest and relaxation so you don’t become exhausted.

Rutilated quartz filters out negativity and helps you stay grounded today. Hold a piece of rutilated quartz in your left hand, close your eyes, and breathe deeply to take in the healing energy of this stone.

Potassium sulfate is a necessary mineral for Virgos, as it carries oxygen to the body’s cells and helps you stay healthy. Almonds, oranges, and bananas are excellent sources of potassium sulfate.

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