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Jul 01, 2022 - Few people can work their way through a complicated conversation quite like you can, Virgo, but I highly doubt I need to remind you of that. The wonderful thing is that not only does this ability serve you well in the moment, but it can serve you well in the long-term because people will always remember just how coolly and professionally you handled so-and-so, and they will always come back to you in such matters because they know you can handle them better than anyone else.

A complicated matter may soon come your way, Virgo, and it may very well have to do with financial matters that don’t just concern you but at least one other person as well; you’re going to need to rely on your trademark tact and skills to handle this, but I firmly believe you have all the tools in your belt needed to pull it off with flying colors. What looks like a very complicated problem could even turn out to be a big opportunity, so don’t dismiss something at first glance.

Jul 02, 2022 - You may feel a strong urge to share your ideas with others today, Virgo, and that makes sense as the Moon is in Leo and encouraging you to share your creativity with others!

You'll find yourself feeling a little frustrated if others don't share the same enthusiasm as you but this is where your own motivational drive comes in - today is about inspiring others and getting them to see your vision.

So take time to focus on what you want to say. Your financial plans have the power to expand and it looks like there will be a new responsibility offered to you in the near future. Be sure to harness your self-belief, Virgo.

Jul 03, 2022 - A sense of inspiration is upon you, Virgo. This Moon is bringing out your creative side and you may have a few money ideas floating around so be sure to keep a pen and paper to hand.

At the same time, this Moon can send your thoughts into overdrive and leave you feeling a little stumped if you get bombarded with too many feelings, leaving you with the opposite effect of your intentions.

You're likely to start questioning everything and in a way, this is a good thing as it enables you to get a stronger grip on your finances. Just be sure to maintain a balance within through yoga and meditation and the answers will become clear to you, Virgo.

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