gemini Love Horoscope:

May 14, 2021 - The Moon is in Gemini and in your 1st house of self today, but it is also squaring Neptune in your 10th house. This is highlighting that in order for your relationship to be a source of inspiration for the world and an example of what a healthy romantic partnership looks like. 

It is necessary that you dedicate as much time to your self-love practice as you do for your significant other. What are the practices that help you experience pleasure, love and fulfillment within yourself? 

This would be a great time to practice doing those practices. And don't underestimate the effect that your relationship with your lover can have on the world, allow it to be a beacon that shines beauty and love onto the rest of the world. 

May 15, 2021 - Do you feel that your romantic partnerships bring you closer to your values? Does your partner have values that are in alignment with yours? These are necessary questions to reflect on today as the Moon is in Cancer and in your 2nd house. 

It happens a lot that people end up in relationships that are not necessarily bringing them close to what they hold dear in their lives.

Naturally, they end up being unfulfilled, resentful and those connections don't last very long. Ask yourself how you can make sure that the partners you attract have (more or less) similar values as yours. Of course, you will always have certain things that you disagree on, what matters the most is that those things are not fundamentals and that both you and your lover are able to respect one another despite your differences. 

Beyond that, how can you learn to not be too rigid and learn to adopt different values that you may end up finding true to you? 

May 16, 2021 - What are the things that you value most in romantic and intimate partnerships? Do you have those things in your current relationships? Do you choose partners that are in alignment with those things? The Moon is in Cancer and in your 2nd house today. 

This is a great time for you to reflect on all those questions and themes. It is fundamental that the people we choose to be in committed connection with have similar values to ours, otherwise, the relationship is not bringing us into further and truer alignment with ourselves and what we wish to create in our lives. 

At the same time, how can you learn to have your values not be too rigid and be able to make room for your partner's values as well? 

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